How to Improve Revenue Operations with Smart Lead Management

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Improve revenue operations and sales velocity at scale.

Lead Assign’s advanced (and fuss-free) lead management is critical to making sure every generated lead is delivered and actioned by your partners, giving teams 100% transparency and confidence in distributed sales networks. 

Here at Lead Assign, we’re all about optimizing lead routing and management to help companies reach their greatest revenue operations and budget optimization potential.

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Lead Assign is the leader in intelligent global lead management, specifically designed for Fortune 1000 enterprises and professional revenue operations.

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With Lead Assign, we relied on their lead guru’s to help us understand the opportunities we were missing, and ultimately, the revenue our partners were missing. With the AI based scoring and routing, we don’t have any resources wasting time trying to figure out where our leads should be sent.
With Lead Assign, we can enable the quick response that is critical to engaging online customers with a better service experience. It’s taken our response time from hours to last quarter an average of 4.4 minutes per lead. Astounding results that allowed our agents to exponentially grow their conversion rates.
The reporting dashboard and built-in rolling average is a significant added benefit from an analytics point of view. The platform can be hugely beneficial to retailers with distributed sales teams.
We’ve eliminated the gaps in our lead management work flows for our global operations. Through Lead Assign’s partner strategies, we can drive lead to revenue funnel with urgency. We have complete visibility to our channel pipeline that previously was only best guesses based on the previous quarters sales. It has helped our revenue and product supply line forecasting and lets us move to real time intelligence.
Using Lead Assign greatly reduced our salespeople’s lead response time. Lead Assign has become a vital part of our day-to-day success. At any given time we have 350 teams assigned to our vehicles, I now know exactly which team is working every lead and the status less than 15 minutes from when it is generated.

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