Lead Assign allows revenue operations teams to send, track, and report on leads sent to reps and channel partners without requiring them to log into a CRM.

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What is Lead Assign?

Lead Assign utilizes intelligent, AI-based lead scoring and routing to ensure responses within minutes and distribute leads to the most qualified rep for the deal.

Emails and phone calls to your partners to try to get insights on close percentages won’t cut it – and by the time you get that updated spreadsheet from your partner its already out of date.

Why Lead Assign?

Studies prove that at least 27% of your leads are never contacted.

With Lead Assign, you can be assured every lead you generate gets in the hands of and is worked by your best partner or sales agent which means you’re not leaving conversions on the table.

"We've eliminated the black hole."
Alvin Hung
Director Partner Experience
Areas to consider when analyzing your current lead management processes:

We know. No-one wants more software, but with Lead Assign we replace manual processes and ensure you get the most out of your dedicated marketing and sales stack.

How Lead Assign Tracks Sales

Lead Parse & Score

As marketing generates leads, the patented parsing & scoring engine matches leads to sales roster profiles and utilizes dynamic performance metrics to determine the best fit for lead offer.

Positive Acceptance

The most relevant agent receives a secure email and/or SMS authorization link to the lead offer for acceptance (configurable exclusive opportunity timer).

No login is required.

Lead Pursuit Tracking

Agent pursuit activity is tracked (key input to agent performance scoring).

Sales pursuit activity data is directly integrated into account owners CRM.

Lead Management UI - Lead Assign

Analytics & Reporting

Admin dashboard for real-time analytics on every partner organization and agent.

Data exports and Integration with PowerBI for detailed funnel visualization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you call it lead assignment, routing, or distribution, getting leads to the right partners or reps makes a huge difference when it comes to increasing efficiency and maximizing revenue potential. The top lead management tools on the market utilize AI or other technologies to make this happen.

Some software even allows you to customize the rules for routing so you can base them on the unique skills and performance levels of your salespeople. Once these rules are set, the lead will automatically get assigned to the first available rep that best fits them. No need to sift through each lead before distributing; just set the criteria and let the automated process take over.

Read more about lead routing.

Any lead management software worth its price will include sophisticated lead tracking and analytics that help you follow the journey each lead went through before converting.

This can do wonders for ROI because it takes the guesswork out of your marketing efforts. You can easily see what works and what doesn’t and then target your efforts based on those findings.

The kind of data brings clarity to marketing strategies and helps salespeople see the value brought by the marketing team which can create better sales and marketing alignment.

Read more about reporting.

Managing the sales pipeline can get messy for sales leaders, especially as more and more customers start showing interest. CRMs try to solve for this, but most of them really just hold on to your contacts and allow you to add notes. This may cause them to adopt additional marketing tools to try to fill the gaps, but that usually doesn’t do the trick either. Most businesses need something a little more, something that creates scalable and repeatable practices for their sales teams.

That’s the power of a good lead management tool.

Read more about pipeline forecasting.

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