Let’s show you how easy it is for salespeople to accept, interact, and provide feedback on your leads.

Accepting a lead

Lead Assign makes it easy for users to preview incoming leads, make sure they are applicable, and ultimately accept and respond to them in a timely fashion.

By providing your salespeople an exclusive opportunity to accept leads they know that the lead is intended for them and uniquely matched to their skillset.

No More
Black Hole

Providing feedback

We understand finding out what happens with your leads is the first step in ensuring you are providing quality leads to the right people.

Our barrier-less feedback capture system makes it super easy for salespeople to provide an update, and get on with what really matters.


Need clarification? Unsure what the status of a lead is? Lead commenting opens up a two communication channel between admins and salespeople.

It’s as simple as your favourite messenger application but the conversation is saved with the lead details so everyone is kept in the loop.