Create game-changing lead automation strategies across all workflows by harnessing the power of our lead experts with proven methodologies.

Automate More, Worry Less.

Lead Assign uses A.I. to score leads from any source.  We use proprietary A.I. to match the lead with the best-suited sales members.  It uses A.I. to score your top sales outcomes by members.  So it really acts as a flywheel for your marketing programs and continues to get better over time. There are no apps to download. No login required, no barriers at all – just increased revenue from your marketing programs. 

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An inability to effectively understand and automate strong marketing lead sources and ineffective sales teams lead pursuit can singlehandedly decimate a promising organization.  It usually manifests itself in an inability to score lead quality, randomized lead distribution, and ineffective lead pursuit.

Different marketing departments have different lead automation challenges and need unique expertise to support their objectives.  One objective for every organization however is to ensure a potential customer is converted to a customer.  With our advisory services we’ll ensure you have 360 degree visibility the necessary data to meet that objective.

Complex qualification processes

Our team has deep experience mapping complex qualification processes in organizations from real estate, to manufacturing, to finance, too retail. Each business is different but key learning and patterns can be leveraged from years of successful Lead Assign implementations to ensure your projects success.

Reduce time to Contact.

Studies show responding to a lead in the first 5 minutes increases the likelihood of a successful transaction by 900%.  When we intelligently distribute the lead, your team member is offered the lead with a configurable timer to claim the lead.  If it is unclaimed, it is distributed to the next best member – and so on. 

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