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Lead Assign is the platform for maximizing lead conversion you’ve been looking for. 

From Enterprise deployments like Royal LePage to local brokerages serving cities or towns – and everything in between.  Contact us about our expertise in real estate and to discuss your needs, including our new agent chat capability.  We’ll help you understand how deploying Lead Assign will dramatically increase lead conversion while decreasing your brokerage lead management costs.

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Reduce Lead Times

Ensure every lead is acted an and followed up by your agents.  No app, No Login, SMS and Email delivery.

Increase Conversion Rates

Matching every lead to the right agent increases conversion rates.  We match your leads with your roster based on lead content, GEO, skills, etc.

Track Performance

As a broker you’ll see every lead, every agents performance, best lead sources, time to contact, and feedback.  All the data every modern brokerage needs.

First Team Real Estate

First Team relies on Lead Assign…

Lead Assign was approached by First Team after a number of failed attempts with other lead management vendors. Whether unable to integrate with First’s back office systems, stability and performance issues, or costly engagements to add lead sources, First was skeptical of our claims.

Lead Assign proposed a 90 day pilot with First Team. Our 90 day pilot program for companies gathers workflow needs, identifies the pilot group, integrates lead sources and has a defined criteria for success.

Our pilot program is a fully client funded endeavour for our enterprise clients. After the 90 days with all criteria exceeded, First rapidly rolled out Lead Assign to over 1500 agents. Their story tells the story.

"As an illustration, I’ve gone from having to manage multiple systems designed for specific lead routing tasks and reporting needs for a roster of 1000+ salespeople, to using a single, completely revolutionary system that now automatically manages all of my lead routing needs the exact manner that I require using Lead Assign’s A.I. capabilities.  In fact, we still use multiple systems to empower other parts of our business so we are delighted to embrace the peace of mind that goes hand in hand when using Lead Assign.  Allowing me to laser focus my efforts on maximizing lead conversion while saving countless man hours by dramatically reducing the time spent managing leads is Lead Assign’s greatest feat.”

“Lead Assign handles all of my lead parsing, routing and distribution, salesperson engagement reports, departmental reporting along with a complete array of other well thought out features. All of these features work efficiently and intuitively and I especially love the fact that their in house developers are aways adding new tweaks and advanced features.”

“Lead Assign ranks at the very top of my solutions provider list. It’s quite rare that I feel able to recommend a product so unreservedly however, this is one of those occasions. Lead Assign’s ingenious enterprise solution has the ability to scale up matching your needs just as fast as you dare. The high level of exceptional customer service throughout all levels of the organization is second to none. Given the range of incredible features and ease of use, don’t be surprised if Lead Assign quickly becomes your the most critical tool for administering your lead based business.”

Joe Burke
CMO First Team Realty.

Royal LePage

Royal LePage Improves sales performance using Lead Assign…

Royal LePage adopted Lead Assign’s cutting-edge A.I.-based lead distribution technology to enable more than 18,000 sales professionals with a solution that greatly improves the accuracy and speed of lead qualifying, parsing and quality of lead recipient. This ensures that the best possible sales team member receives an inbound lead and can respond within minutes – greatly increasing the likelihood of a conversion.
“As the most trusted real estate brand in Canada, we generate over 170,000 leads annually from our digital channels. With Lead Assign, we can enable the quick response that is critical to engaging online customers with a better service experience while helping our agents and brokers be more productive.”
Kelly McCain Director Business Services, Royal Lepage.

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

We started out in 2011 with full-time employees responding to lead inquiries with texts, emails, and phone calls. It worked relatively well. But consumers have become much more accustomed to receiving immediate answers, and that provided challenging because they wanted to speak with a listing agent right away. As instantaneous communication and consumer urgency disrupted the industry, I started searching for an automated system that offers leads immediately to the agents. What I found were a lot of CRMs that focus on the back-end flow of the leads and follow-ups. Then I discovered Lead Assign, an artificial intelligence–based lead distribution system, which isn’t a real estate–specific solution. When a lead comes in, the platform will ping an agent with a text or email, and if the person doesn’t respond within a three-minute time window, the lead will bounce to the another agent. The hierarchy of the agents chosen by the system is set by an algorithm based on tags you create. We use ZIP code tags, and we also prioritize agents who’ve gone the longest without a lead offer.

Bret Violette Founder & CEO at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Signature Properties

Greater New York City Area

Increase your agents conversion rates.

Start by getting in touch with one of our real estate lead experts today. It’s free and will take 20 minutes to see how Lead Assign can help increase your business results.

Intelligent Routing

Get the right lead to the right agent in seconds. Create perfect routing rules for your business. See who is accepting and who is not.

Automate lead routing based on:

  • Agent competency and skillset
  • Agent performance
  • Geolocation/territory and much more…

Feedback Capture

Automate feedback requests, capture lead status and values, even from external sales partners, all without requiring them to login or adopt your software.

Get feedback on:

  • Successful engagements
  • Deals in progress
  • Closed deals and much more…

Real Time Analytics

See how your sales force is performing, view month on month company wide reports. Get in depth reporting on individual salesperson performance.

Get in depth analytics on: