For Sales Teams

For Sales Teams

Perfect for large distributed sales teams.

For Salespeople – Increase deal velocity and close more business.

Lead Assign connects your potential customers with the right team member from your organization in seconds – from any digital source.

Lead Assign is designed to work with distributed sales teams and is not limited by size.

Lead Assign does not require software adoption. Salespeople are offered leads via SMS and Email. We don’t require your sales team to download an app or remember log-ins.

Accepting, providing feedback and usage analytics are fed back to managers using existing data platforms.

For Sales Managers.

Get the best from your sales agents.

Our automated lead management platform ensures you are always getting the very best from your sales network.

Easy to use automated lead feedback requests, capture lead status and values, providing key real time information about lead quality.

Don’t take our word for it…
See what Luis from Santogel says about increased team performance.

  • Reduce lead acceptance rates.
  • Increase accountability through follow up and feedback requests.
  • Reward high performers using machine learning algorithms that improve over time.

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Good News! We have helped others increase speed to lead and lead acceptance by 96%


Great! We have seen a 91% Increase in agent feedback.

We capture data from your distributed sales network and integrate into your existing business intelligence suites.

We handle leads for people like HP all over the globe. We understand regional nuances and different business requirements. Let's chat about your needs.

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