We are excited to announce Lead Assign has changed its name to Bluebird.

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Klaus Salchner Headshot

Apollo uses Lead Assign to route leads in real time to the right agent using predictive scores and various other factors. Matching the right lead to the right agent improved our close rate by 20% and also improved overall customer satisfaction. Lead Assign has become a critical part of optimizing our lead flow and close rate

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Klaus Salchner

We’ve eliminated the gaps in our lead management for our global operations. Through Lead Assign’s partner strategies, we can drive lead to revenue funnel with urgency.

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Alvin Hung
Director Partner Experience
Luis Barreto

Using Lead Assign greatly reduced our salespeople’s lead response time. Lead Assign has become a vital part of our day-to-day success.”

Luis Barreto
Commercial Director, Santogal
Kelly McCain

With Lead Assign, we can enable the quick response that is critical to engaging online customers with a better service experience.

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Kelly McCain
Director Business Services, Royal LePage
Josh Winters Headshot

The reporting dashboard and built-in rolling average is a significant added benefit from an analytics point of view. The platform can be hugely beneficial to retailers with distributed sales teams.

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Josh Winters
Director of Business Development, The Brooks Group
Jonathan de Araujo

We’ve been using [Lead Assign] for over a year now and it’s simplified the lead distribution process tremendously and brought our lead response time down to under 10 minutes. I can wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone with high lead volume and desire to improve lead response times.

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Jonathan de Araujo
Business Operations Manager, The Vacationeer
Lori Keith

We wanted a platform that was easy to use and highly scalable for our over 3000 partners.
We choose Lead Assign as the clear market leader and our partners have never been happier.

Mannington Mills
Lori Keith
Director Marketing, Mannington Mills