Not only will you get the chance at some awesome prizes but you’ll get see how Lead Assign works in the process!

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We are using Lead Assign's routing engine to offer you giveaways based on your preference.

We will send out giveaway offers during the conference. By signing up for the giveaway you agree to be contacted via email and SMS. 

How does the giveaway work?

We will be using Lead Assign’s AI routing technology to offer “leads” (the giveaways) to “agents” (you). All you need to do to be eligible is sign up and keep an eye out for offers.

Just like insurance agents and brokers, the offers will come to you in email and SMS form. When you get one, simple accept it (before your exclusive time window expires) to see what you’ve won!

  1. Sign up to be an “agent” in our giveaway
  2. Look out for offers – we will be sending out offers throughout the conference.
  3. Come to our booth (booth #26) with your accepted offer and collect your prize!