Drive your marketing campaigns and partner programs.

Lead pursuit in competitive markets, to lead visibility in multi-channel sales, to lead routing in go-to-market strategies.

Learn how Lead Assign’s A.I. engine routed over 500,000 leads to over 30,000 salespeople generating millions in additional sales.

You have complicated business challenges...

Complex Routing Requirements​

You have multiple products & services, and a sales force spread across many regions. To convert an incoming lead you not only need the right salesperson to handle the lead, but you need them to handle it in a timely fashion.

Distributed Sales Network

Your salespeople may be independent, work remotely, and spread across multiple time zones.

It can be a challenge to see who is responding to leads, and who is not.

Lack of System Adoption

When working with distributed sales teams it is often a struggle to get feedback on lead conversions.

Partners rarely login to your existing platform to update lead status.

Lack of Insight/Data Reporting

You experience difficulty tracking leads from creation to close. You have no way to track sales team performance.

We have simple solutions...

Intelligent Routing

Get the right lead to the right agent in seconds. Create perfect routing rules for your business. See who is accepting and who is not.

Automate lead routing based on:

  • Agent competency and skillset
  • Agent performance
  • Geolocation/territory and much more…

Feedback Capture

Automate feedback requests, capture lead status and values, even from external sales partners, all without requiring them to login or adopt your software.

Get feedback on:

  • Successful engagements
  • Deals in progress
  • Closed deals and much more…

Real Time Analytics

See how your sales force is performing, view month on month company wide reports. Get in depth reporting on individual salesperson performance.

Get in depth analytics on:

  • Agent performance
  • Lead acceptance times
  • Close rates and many more…

Lead Assign is perfect for...

Companies with large sales teams

Lead Assign is designed to work with distributed sales teams and is not limited by size. Lead Assign does not require software adoption. Salespeople simply receive leads via SMS and Email. Accepting, providing feedback and usage analytics are fed back to you and your existing data platforms.

Companies with complex sales channels

The Lead Assign routing engine provides a range of flexible options to ensure the you are directing the right enquiries, from the right channels, to the right people. With built in automated response handling you can be sure you, and your data platforms are kept up to date.

Companies looking to increase sales efficiency

Getting the right lead in the hand of the right salesperson, in the least amount of time possible is one the best ways to increase conversion rates and boost sales efficiency. Studies show responding to a lead in the first 5 minutes increases the likelihood of a successful transaction by 900%

Our customers have seen amazing results…

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