Drive incoming sales inquiries to the right salesperson, instantly.

If the lead is not dealt with within a time limit that you specify, it gets offered to the next best suited salesperson. All in realtime, and all based on rules you define.

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Santogal sells more cars using Lead Assign.

For more than 70 years SANTOGAL, through a vast network of dealers with numerous points of sales and service have lead car shoppers to 23 popular automotive brands with an amazing team of 300 experienced sales and service professionals who have created the respected SANTOGAL brand.

SANTOGAL had a lead distribution process that was broken and inefficient with numerous holes in it. Web based leads were being emailed from the prospect to sales managers who would then hopefully mail them onto a salesperson without any tracking or accountability checks in place anywhere. The result of this fragmented process often meant that the time between the client requesting information and the salesperson receiving the lead was often hours if not days consequently resulting in lost customers who had moved onto a competitors website to find a car. SANTOGAL needed a solution.

Lead Assign helps dealer groups and individual dealerships consolidate, track, and assign their incoming sales leads.

Ensure the right lead goes to the right salesperson, in an instant, without requiring the salesperson to use any special software!

Lead Assign is the single best investment that you as a dealer can bring about to instantly increase sales, and assess sales staff performance while providing an immediate ROI.

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Without question SANTOGAL’s greatest advantage over its competitors who continue to rely on outdated traditional lead distribution methods is Lead Assign. In 2017 we sold 30,000 cars. Simply put … our partnership with Lead Assign has directly resulted in more sold cars and more satisfied customers.

Alexandre Gomes
Santogal Automotive Group, Director of Sales