The Better Alternative to LeanData

Why do top-performing businesses choose Lead Assign over LeanData?

The Brooks Group shorten their response time by over 55%

Northbridge saw an annual savings of $500MM in sales operations costs

Santogal Logo - Lead Assign

Santogal increased sales agent engagement by 91%

Patented Lead Routing

Specific to your business, patented lead routing is set to ensure the most appropriate sales agent is working your leads

Sales Partner Operations Support

Set your sales partners up for success. Provide quality leads and quick.

Lead Management UI - Lead Assign

Sales Partner Performance Scoring

Ensure the best partner available is working your leads. Analyze your time to action, first offer acceptance, and lead response time.

Royal LePage - Lead Assign Success Story

Royal LePage automates routing of 170,000 leads annually

Mannington - Lead Assign increase sales velocity

Mannington Mills provide their retailers with their marketing generated leads instantly

Graphic Printing Company knows which of their 960 channels throughout Europe is performing best

Realtime Data Analytics

Enhance your existing sales tech stack with direct integration and feedback. No need to change your reporting structure. Just improve your data.