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Real Time Leads Map

Real Time Leads Map

View all your leads on a beautiful geographic display in real time!
View color-coded lead status and see who has been accepting leads.
Check which regions are hot and which are not!

Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

View real-time, in-depth statistics on how your business and your agents are performing.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

All Lead assign accounts allow you to forward a lead, once accepted, to your CRM via an email endpoint.

For Pro and Enterprise customers we can provide support for API integration.

Multiple Languages

Multiple Languages

Lead Assign is currently available in English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese(si.), and Chinese(tr.).
We are currently adding new languages. If you need a language that is not listed here let us know.

Spam Filtering Plus White/BlackList

Spam Filtering Plus White/BlackList

Occasionally you may find spam finds its way into your lead funnel. Our default spam filtering removes almost all spam. If you still find some is getting through you can configure your account to be more sensitive. In addition to spam filtering, we offer the ability to blacklist certain sources or lock down your funnel and whitelist only those sources that you trust.

Configurable Time Limit

Configurable Time Limit

By default, we give your agents 5 minutes to accept or decline a lead before offering it exclusively to the next best-suited agent.
You can change this time limit to suit your needs.

Advanced Routing Capabilities

Advanced Routing Capabilities

Our routing engine allows you to create rules based on expertise, geolocation, performance history, keyword, leads source etc. We have yet to come across a routing requirement we couldn't handle. If you think you have one that could stump us, get in touch - we'd love to hear about it.

Selling Leads Directly

Selling Leads Directly

Selling leads is a snap using our built-in e-commerce engine.
You determine the price of your leads, we collect payment from the person purchasing the lead and deposit the amount into your account minus our transaction fee.

Lead Assign solves the problems that lead generation creates

a lead comes in

we parse the lead

we match content in the lead to tags based on rules you define

we match the lead to the best agent for the lead

we distribute the lead via SMS. If the agent does not accept the lead in time it goes to the next best match

and we provide reports so you can see how your agents are responding

How it works

If you have lots of sales leads your are likely aware of the difficulties in assigning those leads to the appropriate agent. Lead Assign was built to automate the process of lead assignment based on keywords that you define.

Using a proprietary system of tags, rules, and filters, Lead Assign makes sure the right lead goes to the right agent every time.

All your leads in one place

Lead Assign will provide you with a unique email address (  This is the email address you point your incoming lead sources to.  For example, contact forms on your website, leads from your external lead sources etc. Lead Assign also works with innovative new sources you might not know about: QR codes, GPS location, keyword marketing.

You define the rules

Create your tags, assign tags to the appropriate agents. When a lead comes in we look for tags then dynamically build a list of matching agents. Then we notify them, one at a time, via SMS and email. No need for your agents to install any software.

Lead Assign provides detailed reports so you can track your business sources, as well as your Agents’ lead management performance. No more guess work.

“This solution meets our unique needs and provides a very valuable platform to help capture ROI reporting.”

Todd Hedberg
Director of Digital Marketing, Widex USA

“This product has saved me hours trying to distribute leads myself.”

Fred Shaw
Manager, Royal LePage Binder Real Estate

“Easy to setup. Easy to use. Easy to maintain. Lead Assign automates and shortens the delivery time of our leads, ensuring they reach the most appropriate agent.”

Alexandre Gomes
Digital Marketing, Santogal

Consolidate and distribute leads on the fly

When a lead comes in, Lead Assign builds a list of matching agents, intelligently sorts them based on rules you define, and distributes the lead all within seconds of the inquiry

Smart Parse

With Lead Assigns proprietary parsing technology, we examine your incoming leads and ensure they get to the appropriate agents, all in realtime.

CRM Broadcaster

When your leads are accepted we broadcast the details to a CRM of your choosing. Populate your own CRM, and agents CRM, or both!

Feedback Loop

Receive feedback on what happened to a lead from your agents using our Feedback Loop. Manually enter and view comments or automate the whole process.

Lead View

Agents do not need to install any software

Agents receive leads via SMS and Email.
They don’t need any special software and don’t even need to login.

When we say flexible, we mean it.

Flexible Lead Management

Flexible distribution model

  • Distribute leads intelligently based on keywords, location, price etc, you name it!
  • Send leads based on seniority, or “pecking order” as we like to call it.
  • Distribute leads to branch offices and departments.
  • Send leads to teams.

Flexible follow up

  • You decide how long to give your agents to respond.
    We default to 5 minutes for good reason, but you are in charge.
  • Automatically populate any number of CRMs on an agent by agent basis.
  • Make and request feedback from your agents on lead interactions.
Lead Seller
Sell leads & collect funds effortlessly
Do you sell leads for a living?
If so, Lead Assign can help simplify your business, and speed up payment.
Intelligently route leads. Price based on source, type, flat fee. Collect funds on the fly
Affiliate Program
Refer your network, earn money.
Are you a consultant or businesses network advisor?
Sign up for our affiliate program and receive a unique link to share with your network.
You could be earning 15% of revenue generated by customers you refer to us.
Enterprise Solutions
Custom solutions & partnerships
Enterprise Solutions
We understand the challenges large organizations face, and we create solutions that work with your existing software
White label versions. Custom software integrations. Corporate data center hosting
  • Lead Assign has given me 2 hours of my day back!  What a relief it is to work with Lead Assign… our leads are going to our agents quicker and with perfect accuracy.   No more whining agents!  No more late night scrambling to find an available agent. This system Rocks!!

    Lexie Longstreet Savvy & Co. North Carolina
  • It is timely.  If I am having lunch with an agent, taking a meeting, coaching, or any of my normal daily functions, I often can't get to an electronic lead for hours after the consumer has made the inquiry.  Compound this time by taking into account how busy the agents are and it can often be hours before the consumer hears back from anyone.  If it takes hours, the lead is dead.  Why bother to even respond?  Intelligent automation increases lead conversion.

    Desmond Von Teichman RLP Locations North
  • Lead Assign has transformed the sales floor. We now have salespeople responding to leads within seconds of the customer inquiry, which resulted in a major increase in floor traffic at our dealerships.

    John Britmore Regional Division Manager

Lead Assign is currently available in more than 10 default native languages in addition to supporting account specific translations.

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