A filled out quote form from a lead with a computer cursor arrow about to click on "Get Quote".
A description of an agents profile including his Operating Area, Performance Score, and Availability.
A mobile visual of how agents receive new leads and have the option to accept or reject them within a certain time frame.

Your Channel Sales Velocity Engine

Get your channel working for you.

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Daikin - Lead Assign increase lead velocity
Thyssenkrupp - Lead Assign increased sales velocity
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Mannington - Lead Assign increase sales velocity
Widex - Lead Assign increase sales velocity
Animated image of an agents profile being matched to a lead. This is connected to a phone screen that would show the agent how long they have to act on this lead.

Offer Leads to the Right Partner

AI & Performance Based Routing
Time-Critical Lead Offers
SMS/Email Acceptance

Both a mobile and online view of an accepted leads contact profile from an agents perspective. Name, company, and contact given.

Support & Drive Conversion

Dynamic Lead Enrichment
AI-Powered Response Tools
Context Based Battle Cards

A desktop view showing three leads that an agent is pursuing and their progress on each one represented by a coloured bar.

Make Informed Decisions

Channel Conversion Data Capture
Partner Performance Analytics
Real-Time Business Ops Updates

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A mobile visual of how agents receive new leads and have the option to accept or reject them within a certain time frame.

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Is Lead Assign right for you?

Have you been unsuccessful trying to manage lead distribution within your existing vendors/tech stack?

Has using a CRM or PRM turned out to have limited adoption across your partner network?

Do you feel like your routing requirements are just too complex to be handled by a standard routing engine?


If you answered yes to any of these, we think we can help.