Continuing to give you the advantage – Introducing Shark Tank functionality

  • Lead Assign has a new functionality called Shark Tank, whereby sales agents will still have an opportunity to accept a lead after being “timed-out” before it reaches catchall.
  • This not only provides an additional opportunity to accept a lead that would have otherwise been missed, but this also lessens the work required by the account admin, who would have had to manually assigned the missed lead. Please contact us now if you would like this functionality configured on your account.

The Lead Assign research and development team focuses on continually improving the user experience for our busy customers. The Shark Tank functionality is just one more addition to the product that improves sales teams’ management of their leads distribution. 

Advantage for the sales agents

In some cases, all appropriate sales agents are unavailable to accept a lead during their exclusive opportunity. Before the lead is sent to the catchall individual on the account, the lead is saved in the “Shark Tank” status. Agents who were originally offered the lead (but timed out) will still have the opportunity to jump on the lead while it has Shark Tank status. 

Admin Lead View

Agents who originally declined the lead during their exclusive opportunity will NOT be reminded of the lead when it is in Shark Tank. Also, this functionality is not available for leads that go directly to catchall, or in a case where all agents decline the lead. 

Advantage for the admins

By using this functionality, sales agents will have an increased opportunity to accept a lead before it goes to the catchall individual on the account. This ensures that more leads will be worked on, which increases the likelihood of more business for your company. At the same time, admins will find their workload has decreased, as there will be less need to manually assign leads that end up in catchall.

Admin Configuration View

Account admins will be able to configure this functionality by getting in touch with the Lead Assign support group. Please email [email protected] for more information.