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The modern travel agency for Disney vacations relies on smart lead management software to get leads to agents fast

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The Company

The Vacationeer is a team of 90+ Authorized Disney Travel Planner and Universal Preferred Travel Agents. They are dedicated to helping families through every phase of planning and booking their vacation.

Where Lead Assign Came In

Lead Assign now routes thousands of leads per month to over 90 of Vacationeer’s remote travel agents. No longer relying on tedious manual lead management tasks, the leading travel agency can focus on improving conversion rates and marketing campaign strategies.


Speed to lead quality improvement

Lead Assign’s flexible endpoints make it simple to manage all marketing campaigns and existing lead funnels. Easily scale marketing efforts while consistently automating lead capture data from any source.


Lead Assign’s patented technology helped The Vacationeer to decrease their lead response time to under 10 minutes, resulting in better customer service and higher performing sales team.


“I researched the available lead distribution software and Lead Assign stood out above the rest.”

– Jonathon D., Business Operations Manager, The Vacationeer

Routing Methodology

Manual lead management tasks were eliminated

Instead of relying on a single point of contact to capture, assign, and ask for feedback on leads, The Vacationeer implemented smart lead management by Lead Assign. The platform uses AI to route leads to the most appropriate agent available based on the type of vacation inquiry and the knowledge of the travel agent. Incorporating automation into the revenue operations, the admin can now collect feedback and pursuit data without sending individual emails or complicated spreadsheets.


Leveraging social media integrations means no hurdles to get leads to agents fast

The Vacationeer relies on popular social media platforms for brand awareness and lead generation. Due to Lead Assign’s direct integration with Facebook, the travel agency can be confident that every generated lead generated on the platform won’t go ignored, missed or forgotten.

The Goals

  • Automate the lead routing process
  • Ensure leads are quickly and consistently routed to the correct agents

The Approach

  • Use integrations with Lead Assigns patented routing software to remove the need of manual lead management tasks
  • Implement a thorough tagging structure to quickly identify and notify the best possible agent

The Result

  • Vacationeer accepts leads from a wide variety of sources completely automated
  • Over 90 remote travel agents are sent thousands of leads per month