The modern insurance company streamlines their sales operations to save admin costs significantly






Automated Lead Routing & Pursuit


$500K Annual Savings

The Company

Northbridge Insurance offers leading solutions and professional expertise to protect businesses across North America. Leveraging professional sales network strategies, Northbridge drives their lead to revenue funnel with proper lead qualification and top sales team performance.

Where Lead Assign Came In

Lead Assign provides Northbridge with visibility to the lead journey prompting a competitive lead pursuit culture and eliminating lead workflow gaps. Lead Assign’s patented technology enriches leads in real-time to increase lead quality. Sales agents get the full picture from lead acceptance.


Northbridge ensures every lead is qualified.

Northbridge is there for businesses of all sizes.  In any case, the sense of urgency differs. To make the most of their sales agents’ time, Northbridge relies on the Lead Assign platform to identify the highest value leads driving lead pursuit.


Pre-qualification leads drives revenue strategies and improvement. Northbridge eliminated spreadsheets resulting in $500k annual savings. By eliminating lead workflow inefficiencies, their bottom-line is significantly improved.

Routing Methodology

Northbridge gets its qualified leads to its partners fast.

Northbridge takes advantage of performance-based routing to encourage competitive sales culture that drives lead conversion. With Lead Assign, lead qualification and velocity is enhanced through prompting lead pursuit and identifying top-performing agents. If a lead is not accepted by the best agent available, it is routed and offered to the next best – and so on until acceptance.


Northbridge integrates Lead Assign within its tech stack.

Northbridge enjoys Lead Assign’s consultation services whereby lead workflow automation and technical integrations are taken care of by Lead Assign’s subject matter experts. This way, sales teams and administrators can get back to doing their job. Integration services drove immediate results, so Northbridge could get up and running fast. No application adoption needed. No friction.

The Goals

  • Ensure leads are routed to the best agents quickly and consistently
  • Identify the top-performing agents
  • Reduce the waste of marketing and sales resources

The Approach

  • Implement a thorough tagging structure to quickly identify and notify the best possible agent
  • Use Lead Assign’s performance-based routing to encourage competitive sales culture that drives lead conversion
  • Monitor Lead Assign’s dashboard to identify the highest value leads driving lead pursuit

The Result

  • Northbridge eliminated spreadsheets resulting in $500k annual savings
  • Enhanced lead qualification and velocity through prompting lead pursuit