The Modern Real Estate Brokerage uses Intelligent Routing to Connect with Homebuyers Faster

The Company

With over 18,000 agents managing more than 400,000 leads annually, scalability has been an essential component to Royal LePage’s implementation of Lead Assign. Through an intelligent, automated lead distributing system, Royal LePage brokerages are aided in providing world class service to the real estate industry.

Where Lead Assign Came In

Lead Assign supports RLP by matching buyers with sellers meeting their needs based on a variety of tags, including area, price range, and class of real estate to instantly create a likely relationship for conversion. By helping the right agent get there first, Royal LePage is capturing more business from their online resources.

Automated conversion data capture from its entire partner network so the brokerages can stay up to date on how their leads are progressing through the sales funnel.


RLP converted inbound leads faster.

Manual lead distribution takes valuable time, effort, and resources. Devoting staffing or management time to this task diverts valuable effort towards other key aspects of a brokerage’s operations. Royal LePage customizes the full Lead Assign technical functionality to streamline the sales process and benefit all its real estate agents.

Lead Assign has helped Royal LePage enable agent success through a seamless lead distribution system tailored to each brokerage’s needs, while also allowing them to save costs and valuable time previously devoted to lead management. Not only is it an essential task for gaining more business, but also to ensuring equal opportunity for agents to succeed.

Routing Methodology

RLP got real-time lead conversion data.

Brokerages at Royal LePage have leveraged Lead Assign’s data and integrated it with back-office software for 360-degree visibility of their performance. Visibility into conversion rates, acceptance rates, and lead actioning has helped to provide a clearer picture of performance and enabled continuous goal setting for improvement.

By matching leads and their sources to closed deals, brokerages can instantly identify and track referral revenue, while also gaining visibility into individual agent performance.  This has helped the business to not only detail value provided to agents but help improve it as well.


RLP got their agents onboarded fast.

Adopting new tools can be difficult – time consuming, confusing, and not easily managed.  Lead Assign has fit into the Royal LePage sales network seamlessly through easy-to-use agent engagement with no login or additional downloads required. By delivering leads to agents’ phones or emails, adoption has never come faster or easier for the Royal LePage team with immediate results and no hassle.

Ensure leads are routed to the best agents quickly and consistently.

Create a universally accepted structure to adapt to the booming housing market and constant agent onboarding

Ensure leads are routed to the best agents quickly and consistently.

Create a universally accepted structure to adapt to the booming housing market and constant agent onboarding

Median consolidate acceptance times were improved annually by 50%

A product that all 18,000 agents implemented into their sales process.

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