We are excited to announce Lead Assign has changed its name to Bluebird.

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The Key to Maintaining a Competitive Edge

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Complex sales process


Faster response times


20% boost in conversion rates

The Company

Apollo Cover is Canada’s leading online provider of personal and business insurance. Their online quoting tools allow customers to easily obtain an estimate within minutes across a wide range of products. Based out of Vancouver, Canada, Apollo is revolutionizing the insurance industry through curated online experiences for their customers.

Before Lead Assign

High lead volumes spread across both a wide geography and range of products can complicate the sales process. This is a common occurrence in the insurance industry; which can lead to dormant leads and missed revenue opportunities. Speed2Lead is essential in any highly competitive industry, and without the proper tools in place to ensure the quick connection of a customer to sales, money can be left on the table. 50% of buyers will work with the first company that responds to them.

A complex sales process with a high volume of leads from a wide range of products that were spread across multiple geographies was drastically complicating lead management for Apollo. As a result, they were struggling with common problems in the insurance industry: missed revenue opportunities because of delays in responding, and leads unknowingly going dormant. In such a highly competitive industry, the delays contribute to material decreases in conversion rates. Efforts to manage the problem had created many time-consuming manual processes and error-prone spreadsheets.

Adding to Apollo’s concerns, onboarding new sales agents, customizing workflows to match their roles, and efficiently scheduling lead responses had become a tangled and costly mess. This situation is all too common in the world of high-volume lead management, where companies struggle to make off-the-shelf CRM solutions or makeshift, homegrown systems work seamlessly for coordinating their agents to prospects coverage.

Where Lead Assign came in

Lead Assign, via Speed2Lead and Perfect Match, ensures every lead is handled by a qualified sales representative within seconds. Apollo factors-in advanced lead routing logic to check availability among the sales team when distributing leads. Through faster response times and improved matching, Lead Assign has created a stronger sales experience for each lead resulting in a 20% boost in conversion rates for Apollo.

The expensive and fragile process of continuously onboarding new agents and
creating new workflows every time has now been eradicated. Lead Assign’s real-time integration with Apollo’s HubSpot queues guarantees a seamless update of workflows and Perfect Match algorithms for agents, ensuring efficiency and precision.


Through Lead Assign, Apollo Cover is able to incorporate both hard and soft rules into their routing logic. This allows for a system which accounts for agent performance and optimization while always meeting the mandatory criteria that is necessary when distributing leads. Features such as daily, monthly, and open lead limits help to ensure the load of leads is adequately spread out across their sales network. Thishas  helped to improve both the fairness of distribution across their teams, and the effectiveness of each agent in dealing with their assignments. Each and every lead is accounted for immediately and by the
best fitting sales representative available.

Lead Scoring

The implementation of a scoring algorithm has prioritized high value leads. Lead Assign serves as the backbone for managing allocation across all bands of lead scores, while simultaneously balancing two key variables:


Match top performing sales representatives to high-value leads​


Maintain fairness for the sales team as a whole

Lead Assign helps to enable different workflows for varying lead score ranges, while providing Apollo agents a competitive environment with a clear path for advancement. Analytics across lead score ranges for agents provide a unique perspective for Apollo, who can now better identify where their strengths lie.


Flexible deployments of Lead Assign allow clients to achieve the benefits of a sophisticated lead routing software without any disruption to their existing tech stack. This has allowed Apollo to build rules which assign leads within their existing CRM without having to worry about a learning curve for their sales teams. Dynamic routing rules which are based off of existing lead statuses in the CRM are managed through our API connections, allowing Lead Assign to seamlessly communicate  with other platforms.