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Use case By Role: CHANNEL

Understand your channel sales pipeline – in real time

A laptop map that has multiple dots highlighted representing clients from a geographic perspective.

Do you find yourself stuck between marketing and sales, and not sure where your channel needs to improve?

What intelligent lead routing provides sales teams:

How Lead Assign works for sales teams

Sales Velocity

First and foremost, get your leads to your sales teams and partners fast

Pipeline Visibility

Know the state of every program, partner, and lead without checking in

Process Automation

Save valuable time by optimizing and automating lead distribution processes

Technology Adoption

Guaranteed user participation for your customized tech stack

How does your company manage its leads?

Lead management is a collaborative effort between marketing and sales teams to maximize the chances of converting leads into paying customers.

Marketing generates leads through various channels such as website forms, social media ads, email campaigns, and events. The qualified and engaged leads are then assigned to the sales team or specific sales reps, based on criteria such as geography, industry, or product interest.

The trick to get the most return on your efforts is to get the right leads to the right sales rep every time. This strategy is impacted by your industry, sales cycle, and org structure. We can help.

Who is Lead Assign purpose-built for?

Partner Sales Managers

For the decision makers that need lead assignment velocity and real-time pipeline visibility

Channel Managers

For the demand generators that expect their leads are matched with their best sales rep available

Business Ops Directors

For the revenue growth teams that strive for enablement tools and operational efficiency

HP Building - LeadAssign - Lead Management
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HP doubled its partner close rate of its large format printers (a $25,000 average order product line) resulting in eye-popping ROI

Lead Assign’s patented lead management system:

What you can expect when you work with us