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Our patented technology has been developed across hundreds of different use cases to work as a platform that optimizes your entire sales funnel. Let’s find your fit.

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The control you need, augmented with AI and machine learning

At its core, lead Assign is an AI based routing engine that works globally and is scalable enough to grow with your organization. 


Parsing incoming leads

Lead Assign’s patented routing engine absorbs your incoming leads.

Parses pertinent information based on rules you set, plus meta data including geolocation and source.

Then uses a combination of business rules, performance analysis, and historical activity to determine who gets first offer.


Enriching lead payloads

Query internal and external data sources to add additional prospect information.

Enrich lead record to provide deeper insights to your salespeople.

Add additional sales support materials to assist.


Dynamic lead offers

Lead offers are sent via Email and SMS, no login required.

Agents are shown a preview of the pertinent lead information and have a configurable window in which to accept the lead.

Once accepted, all lead information is available and response activity logged.

Get 100% partner technology adoption.

Guaranteed partner adoption without provisioning an application. Call, text, email, and provide feedback with no logins or downloads necessary.
New lead alert pictured on an agents phone with a timer, lead tags, additional information and an accept and reject button.

Track conversion progress

Track progress of individuals leads, agents, and campaigns.

See how campaign sources are converting in realtime.

Make it easier for your  network to convert and use that data to enhance machine learning.


Get sales pipeline visibility

Have your partners work your leads faster, without having to call, email or send spreadsheets.

Track, measure, and report the state of every lead and partner, individually or as a team, using a detailed dashboard.

Make data-backed decisions and continuously improve revenue operations with lead management insights.


Get sales pipeline KPIs

Know the state of every program, partner, and lead, without having to lift a finger and ask.

Real-time dashboard and aggregated lead information is at your fingertips in your own branded enterprise instance.

Notify and request feedback from lead owners to improve your view of the sales funnel.

Real-time visibility across your sales network

The state of every partner’s lead conversion progress allows you to know your lead to close pipeline data in real-time.
A phone beside a laptop. The laptop previews an agents list of leads and the phone to the right features a specific lead with information.

Integrated to turbo charge your enterprise

From lead generation to business analytics Lead Assign captures data effortlessly and informs your other platforms. Read more about integrations

Integrates with these platforms and many more…

Salesforce - Lead Assign Enterprise Integrations API
HubSpot - Lead Assign Enterprise Integrations API
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Is Lead Assign right for you?

Has using a CRM or PRM turned out to have limited adoption across your partner network? Work with lead management experts to see return on your investments.

We are trusted by over 300 leading enterprises.

Bring your demand generation sources, channel partners, and real-time pipeline updates together in a single platform that is trusted by over 300 rapidly growing companies.