We are excited to announce Lead Assign has changed its name to Bluebird.

Double Sales Conversions Using AI Lead Routing

Today, B2B sales is all about connections. Connecting with your clients, connections within your industry and having a personal connection with new business.

At Lead Assign we’re all about optimizing lead routing and management to help companies reach their greatest revenue operations and budget optimization potential through connecting prospects with their top-performing sales reps.

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Desktop and mobile view of an agent receiving a lead offer. Lead tags, name, and contact are displayed along with a timer representing how long a agent has to accept the lead.

Dynamic Routing

At its core, lead Assign is an AI based routing engine that works globally and is scalable enough to grow with your organization.
Desktop view of your agents account response performance. Performance is shown through performance score, lead amount, acceptance rate, catchall acceptance rate, and delinquent metrics.

Track Conversion Progress

Track progress of individuals leads, agents, and campaigns. See how campaign sources are converting in realtime. Make it easier for your network to convert and use that data to enhance machine learning.

Location selector function that allows you to choose a location and a radius around said location. This tool is used to route leads to the agent best fitting the leads location.

Integrated to Turbo Charge Your Enterprise

From lead generation to business analytics, Lead Assign captures data effortlessly and informs your other platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Indicators can vary across industries and business cases. As sales networks become larger and more distributed across various regions and verticals, a need for supporting software to manage additional complexity grows.  

Increased time commitment from sales and marketing managers to lead management, lowering conversion rates, and increased numbers of leads that go unactioned are all strong indicators.

Full activation of a self-serve Lead Assign account can happen today!

For international lead distribution models, Lead Assign’s added service model offers an opportunity to work with our devoted team of lead management experts to be up and running as soon as possible. 

Lead Assign was designed to be as user-friendly as possible.  

With instruction and guidance from our team as support, configuration of the tool is easily managed by our clients.

With no need for sales agents to login into a platform, Lead Assign’s integration is a seamless process.  

After configuration, agents will simply be offered or routed leads via their contact details, eliminating the hassle of constant logins or in-app training.

Lead Assign has integrated with all sorts of sales and marketing platforms providing a variety of different solutions to easily become part of a complete sales management package. 

Integrations are always in ongoing discussions with our team of engineers to expand our capabilities. 

Through any series of parent-child relationships, Lead Assign manages leads across your entire sales network.

This ensures appropriate routing to applicable partners, and the applicable agents within those partners, with a data trail for documentation and reporting.

Yes. Lead Assign has been built to accommodate a variety of different languages and currencies with users all over the globe.

As marketing generates leads from webforms, emails collection, Facebook campaigns, HubSpot, etc.,  Lead Assign’s patented parsing and scoring engine matches leads to the best suited partner automatically.

Urgency is critical when dealing with leads.  Our exclusive acceptance clock creates lead urgency, if not accepted in the time window – it goes to the next best agent.

What you can expect when you work with us