Enterprise grade technology.
Tailored lead workflow solutions.

Our Mission

To optimize sales processes through intelligent lead routing/distribution, data collection, and analytics for teams across a variety of industries. Once the Lead Assign proprietary technology is implemented, our customers experience increased clarity and efficiency between marketing programs and sales efforts ensuring that every investment is optimized, and conversion rates increased.

Our Values

We guarantee 100% of your generated leads are delivered to your sales reps – and as soon as possible.

We drive sales rep engagement from lead acceptance to lead pursuit – tailored for your business.

We provide insights into your lead workflows and sales network – eliminating the confusion.

We adapt with your technology – as your distribution, sales network, and campaigns expand.

Our Story

Established in 2014, Lead Assign’s research and development team created the top-performing enterprise-grade lead management technology. The platform is primarily focused on solving the increasingly complex rules required to effectively match business opportunities to the best-suited salesperson available. Additionally, it provides visibility and business intelligence into lead distribution management providing strategic advantage to any company’s most pressing sales operations challenges.

The SaaS solution is applicable for any-sized business, whether its sales operations are carried out by departments and teams, or by external channel partners and retailers. Lead Assign has expanded its presence across a broad range of verticals, to help automate and optimize the sales process for business across all industries. As the team grew, Lead Assign garnered interest from larger corporations and responded with deeper integrations, business intelligence data, conversion capture, and professional services.

In 2020, it was announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Lead Assign a U.S. Patent entitled “Dynamic Content Management Systems and Methods.” The patent covers automating, intelligent routing, and distributing marketing-based leads to sales teams and partners in real time.

Lead Assign is the leader in intelligent enterprise lead management, specifically designed for Fortune 1000 enterprises. It is unique in its ability to use its patented A.I. technology to integrate into existing enterprise systems to intelligently route and connect leads, capture conversion data, and provide insight for every lead regardless of its source at scale.

Lead Assign’s technology now routes more than 450,000 leads to over 20,000 sales team members and partners for over 200 companies, including some of the world’s top manufacturers, real estate organizations, and financial services companies globally. Many companies are trying to improve the collaboration between their marketing and sales departments.

SaaS and cloud-based solutions, like Lead Assign, are preferred over the more traditional on-premises-based applications by enterprises due to the lower costs and better flexibility.