We are excited to announce Lead Assign has changed its name to Bluebird.

Let AI connect leads to the right reps, in minutes. 0 lead admin

Lead Assign is a set-and-forget system that automatically connects leads with reps that fits their needs. Track external and internal rep progress and close more deals faster.

A new lead offer from a computer and mobile perspective. Time remaining to act on the lead, lead information, and an accept and decline button are shown.


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"Now my lead response time for my nationwide network has gone from an average of 48 hours to 4 minutes."

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CRMs and spreadsheets for lead routing is killing your pipeline.

From 48 hour rep response times, to expensive CRMs that cost $$$ to customize lead routing rules.

A flow from "Reps search through a long spreadsheet to find their lead match." to "Routing leads manually so it's unscalable and prone to error." to "Most reps can't physically respond to all good leads under 24hrs."

Imagine the amount of pipeline lost because your reps couldn’t respond within 24 hours?

3 out of 10 Leads choose competitors within 24 hours. At an enterprise level, that’s $1,000s in marketing spend lost everyday.

Get every lead matched with the best rep to handle their needs.

Create & assign tags like: Product interest, priority, rep’s experience, location, availability and so much more.

Every rep that matches the lead’s tags will be notified via SMS or email to reach out to the lead, fast.

Lead Assign ensures comprehensive lead management through its intelligent automation. Every lead is tracked, assigned, and monitored in real-time, guaranteeing that no lead goes unattended.

Lead Assign automates your lead workflow by seamlessly integrating with your systems. It intelligently captures and distributes leads, applying customized routing logic. This ensures that leads are automatically directed to the right agents or teams for prompt follow-up and conversion.

Location selector function that allows you to choose a location and a radius around said location. This tool is used to route leads to the agent best fitting the leads location.
Desktop view of your agents account response performance. Performance is shown through performance score, lead amount, acceptance rate, catchall acceptance rate, and delinquent metrics.

Know which marketing campaign is actually performing.

See every rep’s progress with each lead. Especially for sales reps outside the organization.

No, our user-friendly approach eliminates the need for outside partners to learn the platform. Through seamless integrations and automated processes, leads are efficiently assigned without requiring partners to interact directly with Lead Assign.

Lead Assign is designed to scale effortlessly. It can handle large partner networks by automating lead distribution based on criteria you define. Whether you have a few partners or a vast network, Lead Assign ensures each lead is properly routed and managed.

Streamline your sales communication with a ChatGPT-Powered Agent Assistant

Interpret details from incoming leads and instantly craft tailored email responses. This allows your agents to respond with speed, accuracy, and personalization.

Before sending, agents can preview the AI-generated email, making any necessary tweaks to ensure it aligns with their personal touch.

Our Agent Assistant uses the intelligence of ChatGPT to interpret details from incoming leads and instantly generate tailored email responses. This allows your agents to respond quickly and accurately to leads, all with a personalized touch.

Absolutely! We understand the importance of personalization in client relationships. Before sending, agents can review and edit the AI-generated email responses to ensure they align perfectly with their personal touch.

No, there’s no need for downloads, installations, or added overhead. Our Agent Assistant seamlessly integrates with Lead Assign, making it a hassle-free AI-enhancement to your sales process.

Mobile view of an alert from the AI Agent Assistant that is providing an agent with an AI generated response to a lead.
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Smooth Pipedrive lead integration & ownership

Lead Assign’s smart API integrations enable seamless lead transfer, routing, and ownership across platforms. This “Blackbox” process assigns leads directly to agents in Pipedrive or HubSpot, eliminating onboarding and ensuring effortless use of existing sales software.

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Streamline lead management with Zapier Integration

Consolidate leads from your marketing software or external sources into Lead Assign, applying necessary routing logic for streamlined distribution. Seamlessly integrate with your sales management tools, leveraging Lead Assign’s extensive Zapier experience to ensure a seamless fit within your current sales & marketing software suite.

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Effortless agent roster sync for accurate lead routing

Lead Assign syncs agent rosters with Salesforce via API, minimizing manual roster management across platforms. This ensures constant alignment, reduces effort, and maintains accurate lead routing.

How your leads will connect with best-fit reps in minutes

A 4 step process.

Desktop view of a new lead offer. Provides the agent with the leads name, company name, and lead tags, along with the ability to accept or deny.

Sales rep gets notified.

They’ll have “Accept” or “Decline” buttons, with a timer to make sure the rep reaches out as fast as possible. If the timer runs out, or the rep declines, the lead is passed on to the next best rep.

Once accepted, the rep is given details to contact.

The rep is also given buttons to either email, text or call the lead.

Tip: contacting leads within the first 2 hours increases likelihood of closing the deal by 50%. 

Both a mobile and online view of an accepted leads contact profile from an agents perspective. Name, company, and contact given.
A desktop view showing three leads that an agent is pursuing and their progress on each one represented by a coloured bar.

See the progress of all leads from contact to signed.

Have complete transparency on which all your rep’s progress. No matter if it’s external reps, or internal.

Reps can give feedback on each lead.

So your marketing can get real insight into if a lead was qualified or not. No more blindspots.

A desktop screen telling agents there to-do list regarding a leads projects. Each task is accompanied by an "update" button.

We’re loved by over
300+ leading enterprises.

"We’ve eliminated the gaps in our lead management for our global operations. Through Lead Assign’s partner strategies, we can drive lead to revenue funnel with urgency."

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Lead Assign uses AI to connect leads to the right reps, in minutes.

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