Spend less time finding leads, and more time closing them.

Introducing the redesigned Lead Assign agent view.

All your leads, in one place.

The newly redesigned interface puts the lead you are working front and centre, but allows quick and easy access to all leads assigned to you.

As always, no login is required. If it’s been a while since you last viewed a lead, we simply email you a magic link to get you back in the drivers seat.

Easily track conversion progress.

Lead previews show a redesigned progress bar so you can easily view conversion status of multiple leads at once.

Optimized views for mobile and desktop.

Mobile view puts the full lead front and center, with all your other leads loaded behind.

Desktop view highlights the current lead but gives you quicker access to all your leads.

Follow up is now “Conversion”

Rather than simply following up with your customers, we know you are all about the conversion.

We have changed the name along with making the inputs easier than ever to use.

Comments are now “Notes”

Create a note, check on a status, contact an administrator.

Building on what was once a conversation window with your administrator, we have now added the ability to create notes about the customer.

Your one stop location for all actions taken.

The agent view framework improvements have been put in place to better support our ongoing feature upgrades including performance score, battle cards, lead rank, and cross browser/platform compatibility.

If you have any questions or concerns about these changes please reach out to us.