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Facebook Lead Ads Support

Facebook Lead Ads are a way to generate leads where customers don’t have to leave Facebook to make an enquiry about your business. Once a customer fills out a Lead Ad on Facebook, the [...]


Setting up tags

We make it easy to distribute leads to your agents, based on the type of incoming lead, using tags. Our patent pending technology parses the incoming lead and looks for tags that you have [...]


How to use Lead Assign with Contact Form 7 on your WordPress site

One of the most robust an easy customizable contact form plugins for WordPress is Contact Form 7. Pairing Lead Assign with Contact form 7 gives your site the capability to send leads as SMS [...]


How to divvie up leads by pecking order

Lead Assign works by finding keywords in leads and scoring them against the number of tags that match with an agent. However some people prefer to assign leads based on seniority, or [...]

Lead Assign is currently available in more than 10 default native languages in addition to supporting account specific translations.

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