Get your real estate leads in the hands of the right agent effortlessly.

If the lead is not dealt with within a time limit that you specify, it gets offered to the next best suited agent. All in realtime, and all based on rules you define.

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Royal LePage improves sales performance using Lead Assign.

Royal LePage adopted Lead Assign’s cutting-edge A.I.-based lead distribution technology to enable more than 18,000 sales professionals with a solution that greatly improves the accuracy and speed of lead qualifying, parsing and quality of lead recipient. This ensures that the best possible sales team member receives an inbound lead and can respond within minutes – greatly increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

Speed to respond is critical in many industries, but few as much as real estate – where a hot market and fierce competition means customers have more options for support than ever when buying or selling a home. Using Lead Assign, more than 18,000 Royal LePage agents and sales teams across Canada now have access to a solution that ensures the right agent receives a qualified lead first and in seconds, increasing the odds of converting. In the event the first agent is unavailable, Lead Assign redirects the lead to appropriate alternatives, reducing the risk of losing the opportunity due to delayed responsiveness.

  • As the most trusted real estate brand in Canada, we generate over 170,000 leads annually from our digital channels. With Lead Assign, we can enable the quick response that is critical to engaging online customers with a better service experience while helping our agents and brokers be more productive.

    Kelly McCain
    Kelly McCain Director, Business Services, Royal LePage
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leads a month


increase in lead conversions


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Customizable Lead Routing.

Our customizable routing engine allows Royal LePage to ensure leads delivered to the right brokerage every time.


Integrated with Existing Platforms.

Lead Assign integrated with Royal LePage’s CRM systems and lead generation sources to effectively manage distribution and provide insight into sales performance.


Analytics and Reporting.

Lead Assign created tools to output custom reports and analytics to track leads from generation to close.