Automated lead management that improves marketing operations and sales velocity.

Why is a Real-Time Lead Management Platform Important to Your Success?

Everything you need to know about lead management but were afraid to ask.

Join the Legion of Lead Champions Like Mannington Flooring.

From spreadsheets to automation in 30 days.

Increase Marketing Campaign ROI

How lead scoring and automated lead routing increases sales.

Still using spreadsheets to handle your leads?

Bring your sales network together in a single platform to automate the manual processes and make sure 100% of your leads are actioned.

Offer Acceptance Clock

Create urgency with your lead distribution process.

Our unique Offer Acceptance Clock ensures your sales representative takes action on every lead offer.

AI Matching

No manual processing or complex flows to work out.

Our intelligent matching algorithm ensures every lead goes to the best sales agent available.  

Real-Time Insights

Get business intelligence on every lead and agent.

Real-time KPIs include lead source, lead pursuit metrics, and sales representative performance.  


Over 300 companies use Lead Assign to automate their sales partner network.

Mannington Mills

Mannington Mills supports their professional retail network by providing high-quality leads See how Lead Assign …

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With Lead Assign we relied on their lead guru's to help us understand the opportunities we were missing, and ultimately the revenue our partners were missing.

Lori Keith, Director Residential Marketing

We integrate with your current sales and marketing tools.

Make your stack work the way you always thought it would by using Lead Assign to orchestrate your lead flow.

No software to download or logins to remember.

The Power of Automation

How much more you could spend on lead generation by automating your lead flow?

Why Enterprises choose Lead Assign

It’s simple.  Automating complex lead flows saves time, ensures lead acceptance, and increases close rates.

How to get started with Lead Assign

Our experienced team and proven methodologies are an effective way to accelerate your time to value. 

From complete lead automation to ongoing service, you’ll be sure your investment gets the best return possible from our platform.


Take advantage of our library of best practices, reports, videos and key insights from our Lead Guru’s.  It’s all designed to help you navigate the challenges enterprises face with large and dispersed sales partners.




Hear real stories from some of our Lead Champions through a series of case study video content that provides Q&A’s and key insights your enterprise can leverage.




Take the opportunity to discuss your specific lead management challenges with one of our Lead Guru’s.  The discovery call is easy to set up and usually lasts 20-30 minutes.

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Get ready to leave your lead management headaches behind.  Our proven enterprise methodology makes sure you receive all the benefits of the Lead Assign platform.


Revenue Opportunity Calculator

Ever wondered how much more revenue opportunity you can generate from your marketing leads by implementing lead management?

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Insights are a collection of articles and advice from lead management experts. 


10 Sales and Marketing Trends for Value-Added Resellers (VARs)

Value-Added Resellers (VARs) have grown in popularity recently as more and more organizations see the advantages offered by this business model.
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