We wanted a platform that was easy to use and highly scalable for our over 3000 partners.  We choose Lead Assign as the clear market leader and our partners have never been happier.

Lori Keith – Director Marketing, Mannington Mills

Lead Assign ensures you drive more revenue from your channel partners.

Lead Assign is the #1 choice for partner lead management, specifically designed for Fortune 500 companies.


Over 300 companies have increased their partner sales velocity.


The #1 platform for partner sales.


Automate lead capture from any source.


Real-time lead enrichment to increase lead quality.


The most intelligent lead routing engine on the planet.


Automated conversion data capture from your entire partner network.


Multi-point workflow integration and advanced business intelligence.

How will Lead Assign help your channel?

Here’s why top-performing enterprises use Lead Assign to optimize lead-to-close partner conversion.

Know your leads are being accepted.

The goal of every organization is to increase the velocity of the lead, especially the acceptance and first contact.

Lead Assign uses AI and competitive routing to get your leads offered to the best-suited agent and partner. If a lead is not accepted in time, it will be routed to the next best-suited person until someone accepts.

Using Lead Assign greatly reduced our salespeople’s lead response time. Lead Assign has become a vital part of our day-to-day success.”

Luis Barretto – Commercial Director, Santogal

Know your top partners and agents.

The built-in dashboard gives a high-level overview of all your sales reps activities. It shows you their current performance score, accepted and declined leads, leads that were missed, and the status of the conversion tracking feedback. It can be a useful tool in determining who is succeeding and who is falling behind.

We’ve eliminated the gaps in our lead management for our global operations. Through Lead Assign’s partner strategies, we can drive lead to revenue funnel with urgency.

Alvin Hung – Director Partner Experience

Know lead pursuit status of every lead.

Using Lead Assigns automated lead pursuit feedback feature, your partner provides updates including overall status, next meeting details, and deal size in seconds.

With Lead Assign, we can enable the quick response that is critical to engaging online customers with a better service experience.

Kelly McCain – Director Business Services, Royal LePage

Know you have 100% adoption.

You cannot guarantee your team will adopt new software. That’s why we built Lead Assign’s lead offer and acceptance platform using standard tools they already use – a browser, SMS, and Email.

It’s frictionless, there is no login required or app to download.

Lori Keith – Director Marketing, Mannington Mills

Know your best performing lead sources

Every company wants to understand which lead source closes at the highest rate for their partners.  Lead Assign’s lead-to-close tracking of in the field sales activity provides you real-time visibility allowing you to optimize lead generation budgets.

Ready to see Lead Assign in Action?

Automate your lead management with these features.

The Lead Assign platform replaces manual distribution of leads to partners and the typical follow-up process that involves your team calling or emailing for updates on lead pursuit activities – save time and eliminate spreadsheets.

Real-Time lead delivery.

Leads delivered the best-suited agent the moment they're created via SMS and Email.

Integration with ease.

Through a series of multi-point integrations, update records across your entire stack.

Advanced and flexible AI lead routing.

We employ intelligent hybrid routing models to handle any routing strategy and any workflow.

Extensible analytics.

Extend Lead Assign real-time data to your BI platform of choice.

Automated lead conversion data capture.

Have visibility to how every lead is progressing to get a true picture of your funnel.

Lead enrichment and scoring.

Real-time lead enrichment to increase lead quality. Get the full picture from the get-go.

Every lead has urgency.

Using our exclusive and configurable time to accept clock, you can be sure every lead is actioned with urgency.

100% solution adoption.

With no logins, no app to download, and agent scoring you can ensure network adoption of Lead Assign.

Try our automation calculator to see just how much you could save and ultimately put towards more marketing lead generation – be the hero at your next marketing or sales meeting.

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