We are excited to announce Lead Assign has changed its name to Bluebird.

Connect with potential customers before they connect with your competition.

Lead Assign optimizes lead routing & distribution using AI and machine learning to ensure your sales network gets the opportunity to act on a lead before your competitors do.


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We’ve eliminated the gaps in our lead management for global operations.
Through Lead Assign’s partner strategies, we can drive lead to revenue funnel with urgency.” Read more…

Easily integrates with these and more...

Where we Integrate

Lead Assign offers seamless integrations with various platforms to capture, track, and distribute leads effectively.

Infographic describing the Lead Assign process. Starting from Lead Capture, to Perfect Match routing engine, to Positive Acceptance, to Conversion Capture.
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Location selector function that allows you to choose a location and a radius around said location. This tool is used to route leads to the agent best fitting the leads location.


Score and route prospects to sales agents, partners, or networks using advanced customizable business rules.

Save time by automating lead routing and assignment for all inbound leads.

AI Performance Scoring

Get real-time data on every program, partner, and lead. Track performance across your network.

Make data-backed decisions and continuously improve revenue operations with lead management insights.

Desktop view of your agents account response performance. Performance is shown through performance score, lead amount, acceptance rate, catchall acceptance rate, and delinquent metrics.
Desktop and mobile view of an agent receiving a lead offer. Lead tags, name, and contact are displayed along with a timer representing how long a agent has to accept the lead.

Login-less Routing & feedback Capture

100% adoption with our login-less SMS/email lead delivery and feedback capture system.

Seamless lead distribution via email or SMS maximizes ease of use for your sales network enabling rapid onboarding and go-to-market strategies

Used by these forward thinking companies

Daikin - Lead Assign increase lead velocity
Thyssenkrupp - Lead Assign increased sales velocity
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Mannington - Lead Assign increase sales velocity
Widex - Lead Assign increase sales velocity

Is your lead distribution holding you back?

Missed opportunities are costing you

  • Inefficient lead distribution
  • Lack of lead visibility
  • Missed or delayed lead response
  • Inconsistent lead allocation
  • Lack of lead accountability
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Is Lead Assign right for you?

Has using a CRM or PRM turned out to have limited adoption across your partner network? Work with lead management experts to see return on your investments.

We are trusted by over 300 leading enterprises.

Bring your demand generation sources, channel partners, and real-time pipeline updates together in a single platform that is trusted by over 300 rapidly growing companies.