We are excited to announce Lead Assign has changed its name to Bluebird.

Get more from your Salesforce

Get your leads handled right away. Push lead ownership and conversion data from your external partners directly into your Salesforce account.


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Salesforce - Lead Assign Enterprise Integrations API
Desktop and mobile view of an agent receiving a lead offer. Lead tags, name, and contact are displayed along with a timer representing how long a agent has to accept the lead.

Advanced lead routing

Our AI uses a combination of business rules, performance analysis, and historical activity to determine who to offer leads to.

Capture data from external partners

Capture lead ownership and conversion data via SMS and Email. Make it easier for your network to convert and use that data to enhance machine learning.

Works seamlessly with all Salesforce records

Update records in your Salesforce cloud accounts and more. Ensure your data is clean and up to date.

No sales agent adoption required​

No Salesforce seats required. Simply route to your sales network using the tools they already use, SMS and Email.

An expiring timer showing that a Team Agent will have 15 minutes remaining to decide on the lead.

Lead Routing

Sophisticated Algorithms
Simple to Implement
Patented Technology

Conversion Tracking

Performance Analytics
Campaign Attribution
GDPR Compliance

Multi-Point Integration

Channel Scalability
API Integrations
Business Intelligence

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Salesforce - Lead Assign Enterprise Integrations API

Turbocharge Your Salesforce

You need a sophisticated lead management system if:

  • Your lead handling workflows are complex.
  • Your leads are actioned by a distributed sales network.
  • You sell high-ticket products and services.
  • Your sales operations are national and international.
  • You are looking for a scalable solution.
  • You need KPIs that impact sales behaviours and marketing budgets.

The best lead routing engine that improves partner sales velocity.

Lead Assign’s proprietary technology provides clarity and efficiency between marketing programs and sales efforts ensuring every campaign investment is optimized.

"We've eliminated the gaps in our lead management for global operations. Through Lead Assign's partner strategies, we can drive lead to revenue funnel with urgency."
Alvin H.
Director Partner Experience
Location map analytics on desktop

Automate your lead management with these features.

The Lead Assign platform replaces manual distribution of leads to partners and the typical follow-up process that involves your team calling or emailing for updates on lead pursuit activities – save time and eliminate spreadsheets.

Real-time lead delivery.

Leads delivered the best-suited agent the moment they're created via SMS and Email.

Integration with ease.

Through a series of multi-point integrations, update records across your entire stack.

Advanced and flexible lead routing.

We employ intelligent hybrid routing models to handle any routing strategy and any workflow.

Extensible business analytics.

Extend Lead Assign real-time data to your BI platform of choice.

Automated lead conversion data capture.

Have visibility to how every lead is progressing to get a true picture of your funnel.

Lead enrichment and scoring.

Real-time lead enrichment to increase lead quality. Get the full picture from the get-go.

Every lead has urgency.

Using our exclusive and configurable time to accept clock, you can be sure every lead is actioned with urgency.

100% solution adoption.

With no logins, no app to download, and agent scoring you can ensure network adoption of Lead Assign.

Suffering from lack of adoption?

Have you invested in sales stack software that just isn’t being adopted?

Lead Assign’s friction-less adoption model is designed to work with the tools your network already uses (SMS and Email) to capture and push data back to your organization.

Work with us and see a return on your investments.

Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange

Lead Assign is pleased to announce the availability of our application on Salesforce AppExchange.