We are excited to announce Lead Assign has changed its name to Bluebird.

Salesforce AppExchange

Lead Assign is pleased to announce the availability of our application on Salesforce AppExchange.

Lead Assign is pleased to announce the availability of our application on Salesforce Application Exchange. Our product now fits better into the Salesforce ecosystem – allowing Salesforce users to efficiently route and manage leads to salespeople. In order to get listed on App Exchange, our product went through a comprehensive security review.

The Lead Assign Vantage+ suite for Salesforce integrates with our A.I. platform to score leads from any source. Using our proprietary A.I. technology, we match your lead with your best-suited sales agents and utilize a positive acceptance model to ensure your leads are handled.

The Lead Assign Vantage+ technology incorporates A.I. to score your top sales outcomes by agent. It acts as a flywheel for your marketing programs and continues to improve and tailor to your business needs over time.

Why Corporations Choose Lead Assign

Lead Assign has incredible scalability. We assist enterprise clients with their 20,000 sales representatives, corporations with sales operating in 14 different languages in 30 countries worldwide. This core strength of Lead Assign solves challenges when dealing with incoming leads:

  • that may come from multiple verticals,
  • that cover large geographic areas,
  • or come in large lead volumes.

Lead Assign is also built to work with all your sales people:

  • in house sales reps,
  • in house reps distributed across multiple verticals,
  • in house reps distributed across multiple countries,
  • external sales channels (eg retail stores, channel partners),
  • company sales admins regional/vertical.

What’s unique about Lead Assign is that we can work with all the above types of sales teams at the same time. We can help get your channel partner leads out to your partners, and get feedback to you on how the lead went – all without your partners ever having to install an application or remember passwords, etc.

How does all that work with Salesforce? Lead Assign can take your leads – post them out to external or internal sales people and then update your Salesforce account with data on how the lead went.

The power Lead Assign adds to Salesforce:

  • Lead Assign can sync with your sales people from their Salesforce accounts.
  • Lead Assign can handle thousands of external sales people as well.
  • Lead Assign will get all of these sales people, external and or internal to update and follow through on your leads and then put that data back into Salesforce in the proper location.
  • Lead Assign can take leads from multiple sources such as external marketing campaigns, Salesforce itself, your web properties, and more.

Lead Assign can Streamline your Salesforce Platform Data Updates

Our real-time lead management solution offers simple integration with multiple CRMs so you can get the visibility and data you need without adding any more software. Eliminate the waiting period for your sales reps to update your CRM. Send a test lead and see how.

The platform’s AI-based lead scoring and routing automatically distributes leads to the most qualified channel partners for the deal. See your potential success with the Power of Automation.

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