We are excited to announce Lead Assign has changed its name to Bluebird.

Connect your insurance leads to the right agent in seconds.

Connect with potential clients before they connect with your competition. Drive conversions and results by perfectly matching insurance buyers with sales agents.

Trusted by leading direct-to-consumer providers

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A mobile visual of how agents receive new leads and have the option to accept or reject them within a certain time frame.

When a lead submits a form…

The best possible agent is notified. If they’re not available, the next best agent is notified.

Example of a Team Agent receiving a lead and having the option to accept or decline it.

Insurance agents can act immediately.

No download or sign up needed.
Agents will receive leads directly by SMS and email.

An expiring timer showing that a Team Agent will have 15 minutes remaining to decide on the lead.

“Lead Assign single-handedly improved our close rate by 20% and customers were blown away by how fast we could reach them.”

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Klaus S.

CTO, Apollo Cover Insurance

A magnet icon attracting leads.

Speed to Lead in Seconds

After 5 mins pass, the odds of connecting with the lead drops 80%.

Enable your sales team to respond to opportunities in seconds while the buyer is engaged with your brand.

Mail icon.

Onboard our system in seconds

Lead Assign is a hassle-free solution. There’s no need to log in or download an app.

Agents will receive leads instantly by SMS and email.

Two animated stick people walking together up stairs to reach a flag.

Match Leads to the Perfect Agent

Pair leads with the most qualified agent based on criteria like business line, location, and agent performance.

Our routing engine continually learns and improves, ensuring optimal results.

A target icon.

Your Lead GPS

Get a complete view of all lead activity as it moves through the sales journey – from lead offer to lead close.

You’ll have complete audibility and transparency.

Stop losing qualified prospects when they have the highest intent.

Each agent manually sifting and routing leads through spreadsheets makes it impossible to respond to every lead in 24 hours.

Old way: 10 leads in

Animated picture of leads flowing into a pipeline to then getting scrambled and lost due to agents delaying response by hours or days, resulting in only a few leads retained by the end of the pipeline.

Within a day, you would have lost your hottest leads to another agency.

With Lead Assign: 10 leads in

Animated picture of leads flowing into a pipeline, with-in the pipeline the best rep for each lead is notified and then leads are accepted leading to retained leads flowing out of the pipeline.

Never let a single lead slip through the cracks by responding the second they submit a form

Animated arrow pointing down.

For national insurance firms like Northbridge, the removal of lead workflow inefficiencies has resulted in significant results, such as annual savings of $500,000.

“Northbridge eliminated spreadsheets resulting in $500k annual savings by eliminating lead workflow inefficiencies”

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Founder, Northbridge Insurance

Speed2Lead is everything for insurance sales

How leads will instantly connect with agents in seconds…

Insurance agent gets notified.

Agents will be able to click ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ buttons, along with a quick timer making sure the agents act promptly. If the time runs out or the agent declines, the lead then goes to the next best agent instantly.

Example of a Team Agent receiving a lead and having the option to accept or decline it.
Both a computer and mobile view of what an accepted lead looks like.

Once the lead is accepted, the agent is provided contact details.

The insurance agent can email, text, or call the prospect instantly.

Did you know…
Contacting leads within the first 5 seconds of form fill increases the likelihood of a closed deal by 900%? With Lead Assign, agents can respond within seconds.

Leaders can easily view all lead progress updates.

Sales team managers can ensure complete transparency from contact to signed deal for all their agents.

An on-going lead management page depicting one's current leads and the progress made on said leads.
Illustrated is an agents to-do list page with the updates one's leads require to continue building a relationship.

Agents can provide feedback on every lead.

Set your teams up for success by gathering their field insights, without bugging them. Feedback functionality was purpose-built to ensure the least amount of admin required by agents. 

Elevate your agency’s existing tech stack.

Lead Assign is trusted by over 300 customer-focused enterprises.

“We’ve eliminated the gaps in our lead management for global operations. Through Lead Assign’s partner strategies, we can drive lead to revenue funnel with urgency.”

HP Logo.

Alvin H.

Director of Partner Experience, HP

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New lead alert pictured on an agents phone with a timer, lead tags, additional information and an accept and reject button.

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