Lead Assign or boberdoo: Which is the Best Lead Management System for Your Needs?

Find the best lead management software for your business. Explore our comparison of boberdoo and Lead Assign to make the right choice for your B2B needs.

In the fast-paced world of B2B sales, there’s never been a better time to have the right lead management tools on your side. Helping you navigate an ever-changing market and meet the demands of modern customers, the right lead management solution can transform how your marketing and sales teams approach new prospects and qualified leads.

But what type of lead management software best suits your needs?

In this comparison article, we’re discussing boberdoo and Lead Assign — two prominent players in the SaaS industry. While both have their benefits, one also poses challenges that B2B business owners should be aware of before taking the leap!

A closer look at boberdoo

Launched in 2001 as a web development shop with a focus on mortgage leads, boberdoo currently markets itself as a premier lead distribution software provider. 

Positioning itself as more than just another lead management system, boberdoo makes bold claims about their advanced lead and call routing, as well as their ping post capabilities for vertical leads.

What clients does boberdoo serve?

Initially launched with mortgage leads as its original focus, it’s no wonder that to this day, boberdoo still works with dozens of mortgage clients. However, now ‘all-in’ on lead generators in general, boberdoo currently offers a diverse range of capabilities to specifically suit those selling calls and leads. 

With global clients such as Bold Media Group, boberdoo’s custom pricing model also makes it an attractive option for lead sellers wanting to adapt features to suit their budget. 

What key features does boberdoo offer?

While boberdoo places a heavy focus on features based around lead verticals and call routing, some of its stand out features include:

  • Ping post software: As a platform, boberdoo facilitates the transmission of partial lead information from the lead seller to the lead buyer. This gives the lead buyer an opportunity to respond by either accepting or rejecting the lead.
  • Infrastructure support: With custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) integrations, boberdoo can mold itself to fit your unique requirements as a business.
  • Support model: Through boberdoo’s website, you can explore ‘boberdoo U’ classes, offering a deeper dive into account features and optimization. They also offer a range of support articles and videos to help users update their knowledge of the lead generation and management industry.
  • Sophisticated list building: In addition to expansive list building and lead scoring features, boberdoo offers dynamic bidding capabilities on routed leads to buyers.

Does boderdoo live up to the hype?

While boberdoo excels in many areas, there’s still opportunities for improvement — especially in terms of the user experience:

  • Unfortunately, boberdoo’s feedback and reporting on marketing metrics capabilities are known for being limited. With some users noting that it can take a significant amount of time to generate bigger file reports, there’s a clear opportunity for boberdoo to enhance efficiency in this area.
  • The boberdoo system currently doesn’t translate into different languages (although it may have the potential to build lead types in other languages). 
  • With an agent login also required for usage, companies that sell sales leads and calls may find themselves inconvenienced by this additional layer of complexity.

Lead Assign: The top choice for companies with a high volume of leads

At Lead Assign, we’re not too shy to announce our status as the best lead management platform on the market. With a team of industry experts and an intuitive system that’s ready to be adapted to your exact requirements, Lead Assign stands tall as a top lead management partner.

Features that set Lead Assign apart:

  • AI-powered lead matching: Ready to ditch tedious manual lead sorting? Lead Assign leverages the power of AI to match leads with the perfect sales representatives efficiently, and accurately.
  • Smart routing: Lead Assign’s AI-driven routing capabilities are designed to scale effortlessly with your organization’s growth. This ensures that leads reach their intended targets with improved response times and higher conversion rates.
  • Geo-targeted excellence: Ensure agents only receive leads specific to their geographic areas, guaranteeing local expertise and increased response times.
  • Real-time progress tracking: As lead tracking software, Lead Assign helps you keep a close eye on your leads, agents, and campaigns — all in real time. This feature not only helps you monitor lead conversions, but it also enables you to elevate your sales process with enhanced machine learning capabilities.
  • Tailored Reporting: Customize your data reporting to provide executives with the insights they need, including lead acceptance rates, conversion cycles, and other crucial insights and metrics.
  • Seamless integrations: Lead Assign smoothly integrates with an impressive range of platforms, including Salesforce and HubSpot. This means you can transform your lead management process, without causing chaos to your existing tech stack.
  • Global recognition: With over 300 leading enterprises placing their trust in Lead Assign, it’s a well-established leader in the international lead management industry.
  • Strategic customization: Collaborate with Lead Assign’s team of experts to optimize your routing strategies and improve your efficiency and competitiveness with the market. Lead Assign can also be customized with your company’s branding for a seamless user experience or discreetly integrated into your UI.

Lead Assign or boberdoo? 

Make the right decision for you.

While boberdoo is no doubt a strong player in the lead management industry, it’s vital to consider your specific B2B requirements. Even though boberdoo’s dynamic bidding and call routing capabilities make it an enticing option for lead generators, it may fall short in certain aspects, such as multilingual support and user experience.

On the flip side, Lead Assign presents a favorable solution for those seeking an efficient, cost-effective, and AI-driven lead management tool to boost their sales pipeline. Its AI-powered lead matching, smart routing, and real-time progress tracking offer a comprehensive approach to lead management that can boost your conversion rates in no time.

With additional expertise in working with Fortune 5000+ companies, and those involved in selling high-ticket products and services, Lead Assign brings a wealth of B2B experience to the table.

Interested in hearing more? Book Discovery Session or Test Drive Lead Assign today to see how Lead Assign can help your sales team reach a new level of excellence.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are based on our personal analysis as of the publication date. We recommend conducting your own research and evaluations before passing judgment on companies discussed in this blog series.