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Adding A.I. to Agent Effectiveness Leads Ontario Start-Up to Major Deal with Royal LePage

Adding A.I. to Agent Effectiveness Leads Ontario Start-Up to Major Deal with Royal LePage

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  • Adding A.I. to Agent Effectiveness Leads Ontario Start-Up to Major Deal with Royal LePage
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Innovation from Lead Assign driving more effective sales process for major organizations in North America and Europe

Artificial Intelligence innovator Lead Assign has signed a new, substantial deal for its innovative sales-enablement solution with Canadian real estate leader Royal LePage. Royal LePage will adopt Lead Assign’s cutting-edge A.I.-based lead distribution technology to enable more than 18,000 sales professionals with a solution that greatly improves the accuracy and speed of lead qualifying, parsing and quality of lead recipient. This ensures that the best possible sales team member receives an inbound lead and can respond within minutes – greatly increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

“We’re very excited to provide the talented sales people at Royal LePage with an edge when converting leads into new customers,” says Joe Steeves, Director, Global Operations, Lead Assign. “Research shows that nearly half of all sales go to the vendor that responds first, and that replying to an inquiry within five minutes can increase sales conversion rates by as much as 400% – yet most organizations lack the ability to quickly qualify and respond to inbound leads without substantial manual effort. Lead Assign uses A.I. to automate that process, ensuring the most suitable agent receives and responds to a lead in minutes, which can often be the make or break factor in closing a deal.”

Royal LePage Automates Lead Parsing to Improve Sales Performance

Speed to respond is critical in many industries, but few as much as real estate – where a hot market and fierce competition means customers have more options for support than ever when buying or selling a home. Using Lead Assign, more than 18,000 Royal LePage agents and sales teams across Canada now have access to a solution that ensures the right agent receives a qualified lead first and in seconds, increasing the odds of converting. In the event the first agent is unavailable, the solution redirects the lead to appropriate alternatives, reducing the risk of losing the opportunity due to delayed responsiveness.

“As the most trusted real estate brand in Canada, we generate over 170,000 leads annually from our digital channels,” says Kelly McCain, Director, Business Services, Royal LePage. “With Lead Assign, we can enable the quick response that is critical to engaging online customers with a better service experience while helping our agents and brokers be more productive.”

Royal LePage joins a growing list of organizations around the world adopting Lead Assign to improve their sales processes, including leaders in real estate, insurance, manufacturing and automotive sales.

Sales Spike at Santogal with Lead Assign

For Santogal, Portugal’s most recognized automotive dealer group representing 24 automotive brands, delivering qualified leads in a timely manner to its 250 sales agents had presented an ongoing challenge for the company.

Adopting Lead Assign in 2016, Santogal enabled their sales agents across the country with Lead Assign’s smart parsing abilities to tackle the problem. Since leveraging Lead Assign, Santogal has seen impressive growth in online lead conversion rates.

“Using Lead Assign greatly reduced our sales people’s lead response time,” says Alexandre Gomes, Digital Marketing Manager, Santogal. “We started with a few agents testing the solution and, it quickly became clear that it made sense to extend Lead Assign to our entire sales team. Lead Assign has become a vital part of our day-to-day success.”

Increased Functionality and Accelerated Global Growth in 2018

“We’ve experienced tremendous growth in the number of businesses using Lead Assign to solve their lead distribution pain points over the past 12 months. With new customers like Royal LePage and others, we anticipate that we will have distributed well over one million leads on behalf of our clients by the end of Q3,” says Steeves.

After doubling both revenue and customers in 2017, self-funded Lead Assign is expecting even greater growth in 2018. In response to growing global demand, the platform recently introduced end-to-end support for 12 languages, enabling cross-border teams to benefit from a dynamic in-language user interface tailored to each sales representative.

“Lead Assign’s incredible flexibility allows us to solve numerous problems in newly identified verticals like Finance and Insurance, Automotive, Lead Generators along with numerous others,” adds Steeves. “Capitalizing on these new markets worldwide we expect to increase our customer base by more than 400% over 2017, while also adding more than 100,000 new individual agents to the platform in 2018.”

About Lead Assign

Founded in 2014, Lead Assign is a Thornbury, Ontario based leader in providing smart solutions to improve the performance of sales teams worldwide. By utilizing A.I. to improve lead qualifying and lead parsing for inbound inquiries, Lead Assign converts interest and inquiries into sales by combining smarter lead distribution and routing with improved response times. With customers across Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia, Lead Assign is used by leaders in real estate, financial services, insurance, automotive and all industries where speed of lead qualifying and response, and intelligence of lead distribution, is critical to sales success.

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