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Lead Assign Joins Reuters Events: The Future of Insurance USA in Chicago

Lead Assign is excited to announce its participation in Reuters Events: The Future of Insurance USA conference, taking place in Chicago on May 15-16, 2024. 

This event combines two of Reuters Events’ leading conferences, Insurance AI & Innovative Tech and The Future of Insurance USA, to address the evolving landscape of the insurance industry.

As the insurance sector navigates unprecedented challenges such as global disruption, increasingly crowded markets, and evolving customer expectations, Lead Assign joins industry leaders to foster collaboration, innovation, insights, and software enablement strategies.

“Lead Assign is proud to be part of The Future of Insurance USA 2024, a premier industry event designed to address the most pressing issues facing the insurance landscape today,” says James Palmer, Co-Founder & Head of Product at Lead Assign.

Key speakers at the event include industry luminaries such as Kevin Kerridge, CEO of Hiscox USA, Sarah Chavarria, President & CEO of Delta Dental of California, and Jamie Ohl, President of Individual Solutions at Transamerica, among others.

Participants can anticipate engaging discussions, actionable insights, and tangible case studies across key themes, including:

  • Beyond Resilience: Thrive in today’s market with a flexible roadmap, innovative partnerships, and a growth-oriented culture. 
  • AI – From Hype to Reality: Explore a playbook for Gen AI success with insurance-specific use cases, from ideation to results. 
  • Evolving Product Design: Tackle emerging risks, rising NATCAT losses, and changing customer needs with innovative products and new business models. 
  • Data-Driven Insurance: Unleash the power of data to fuel smarter underwriting, predictive analytics, and create a solid foundation for digital transformation. 
  • True Customer-Centricity: Foster customer trust and lasting loyalty with frictionless journeys, personalized experiences, and an omnichannel distribution mix. 
  • Intelligent Innovation: From underwriting to claims, embrace meaningful innovation and transformative technology to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

To learn more about Lead Assign’s participation at the event, including speakers, agenda themes, and attendees, visit https://insights.leadassign.com/the-future-of-insurance-usa-2024/ for more information. We will be able to address any questions as it relates to the following: 

  • Forge Your AI Path: From hype to reality – discover a playbook for AI success and transform operations from inception to claim to tackle costs and enhance efficiency 
  • Achieve True Customer-Centricity: Navigate evolving customer expectations with frictionless journeys, personalized products, and omnichannel distribution 
  • Bolster Profitability: Thrive through disruption with a flexible business strategy, innovative partnerships, and a growth-oriented culture to drive resilience across the organization

The future of insurance is about embracing progress and innovation. Join Lead Assign and industry leaders at #FOIUSA to stay at the forefront of industry transformation.

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Join us at The Future of Insurance USA 2024 Conference in Chicago

May 15-16, 2024

Discover Strategies for AI, Customer-Centricity, and Profitability to Stay Ahead in the Evolving Insurance Landscape.