Lead Assign extends leadership, issued first U.S. Patent.

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  • Lead Assign extends leadership, issued first U.S. Patent.

Lead Assign extends leadership, issued first U.S. Patent.

Patent covers automating, intelligent routing, and distributing marketing-based leads to sales teams and partners in real time.

Toronto, Ontario, March 31, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lead Assign Corp. (“Lead Assign”), a top-performing lead automation and management SaaS platform, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued Lead Assign a U.S. Patent entitled “Dynamic Content Management Systems and Methods.”

This patent is the first for Lead Assign and provides broad coverage for Lead Assign’s proprietary technology, which is intended to automate the intelligent routing and distribution of marketing leads from any source to the best suited salesperson, retailer, or partner – in real time. The technology is critical to increasing overall ROI of marketing programs and conversion rates for distributed sales teams.

“We are very excited on behalf of our customers. We’ve experienced double-digit growth in the past year and this recent patent grant will further reinforce our customers decision to implement our technology to eliminate the black holes between marketing programs and sales efforts.” says Jeff Turner – Head of Growth. “We believe our technology offers a novel and superior solution for the complex problem of ensuring every marketing investment is optimized to increase sales conversion rates.”

The lead management software market is to grow at a CAGR of 17.39% during the period 2018-2022 according to ResearchandMarketing.com’s latest report titled Global Lead Management Market 2018-2022. “Today’s marketing and sales solutions are growing more competitive daily. The most successful businesses will be those who leverage their intellectual property to give their customers the assurances they are looking for when buying technology based products and services,” said Mr. Turner.

Lead Assign’s technology routes more than 450,000 leads to over 20,000 sales team members and partners for close to 200 customers, including some of the world’s top manufacturers, real estate organizations, and financial services companies globally. Many companies are trying to improve the collaboration between their marketing and sales departments. SaaS and cloud-based solutions like Lead Assign’s and Vantage are preferred over the more traditional on-premises-based applications by enterprises due to the lower costs and better flexibility.


About Vantage by Lead Assign

Vantage by Lead Assign is the leader in automating enterprise lead management. Vantage is unique in its ability to use its patented A.I. technology to integrate into existing enterprise systems to intelligently route and connect leads, capture conversion data, and provide insight for every lead regardless of its source.

More information on Vantage can be found at www.vantage.leadassign.com. 

About Lead Assign

Established in 2014, Lead Assign’s research and development services created the top performing lead management technology that is primarily focused on solving the increasingly complex rules required to effectively match business leads to the best-suited salesperson.

Lead Assign for small and medium-sized business, and Vantage for large enterprises use patented A.I. technology to solve the most pressing lead distribution and management needs experienced by every enterprise.


Insights are a collection of articles and advice from lead management experts. 

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