Product Updates

Get familiar with updates released recently, and what existing features we have improved.

The time to boost collaboration within your sales network and give teams the tools they need to convert is here.
We're excited to unveil the newly redesigned Lead Row View! With your invaluable feedback and the ever-changing demands of the sales process in mind, we have overhauled the user interface to bring key lead details to the forefront.
Introducing the next-level feature for Lead Assign: a ChatGPT-Powered Agent Assistant! Streamline your sales communication with the intelligence of AI
We're excited to present a feature that has been designed with collaboration and business strategy at its core - the "Teams" feature!
At its core, this functionality allows administrators of the Lead Assign platform to customize app access for different user roles.
We have redesigned our email notification templates to further put the right information at your fingertips. The new design highlights what needs to be done next, and makes it easier for salespeople to see their performance rating.
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