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Introducing the Redesigned Lead Row View

We're excited to unveil the newly redesigned Lead Row View! With your invaluable feedback and the ever-changing demands of the sales process in mind, we have overhauled the user interface to bring key lead details to the forefront.
A leads name, contact, agent in pursuit, and status.

Why We Made These Changes

Our primary objective was to streamline the lead management process by offering a more intuitive, informative, and visually pleasing experience. We recognized the need for our users to quickly and easily view lead contact details, assess lead acceptance status, and get an overview of sales progress.

What’s New

  1. If you utilize our integration with clearbit, and the lead record returns a match for enrichment, we now show additional data including social media profiles and business name. If there is no match in clearbit we only will show lead details provided in the payload.
  2. These dots represent the number of agents who have been offered the lead, and are only applicable when it is not accepted (in flight). Once a lead has been accepted the accepting agent or partner information will show.
  3. Lead conversion and acceptance status.
  4. Simplified age of lead. Hovering on this text will show exact date and time.
  5. Hovering on tags will show tags matched in the lead payload.

Enhanced Lead Contact Details

The new layout gives prime real estate to lead contact information, including name, email, and phone number, making it easier than ever to reach out and connect. If you make use of our clearbit lead enrichment integration then you will see additional details directly in the lead row.

Instant Acceptance Status View

Lead acceptance is a crucial part of the sales cycle. We have improved our lead status column to make it easier to immediately discern whether a lead is in flight, has been accepted, or is currently being worked. No more digging around for essential information!

Sales Progress Overview

With a quick glance, you can now see where each lead stands in your sales funnel. Key metrics and progress bars offer a snapshot of activities completed, helping you to prioritize tasks and manage your sales team’s efforts effectively.

The Bottom Line

Our redesign is more than just a facelift; it’s about improving productivity and empowering you to manage leads more effectively. Experience the new lead row view today and let us know what you think!

Your success is our priority, and we’re committed to continually refining our application to meet your needs. Thank you for making Lead Assign a part of your sales journey.

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