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We have over a decade of experience delivering over 1.7 million leads to over 62 thousand agents across over 79 countries.

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We wanted a platform that was easy to use and highly scalable for our over 3000 partners.  We choose Lead Assign as the clear market leader and our partners have never been happier.

Lori Keith – Director Marketing, Mannington Mills

Lead Assign’s 3 stage approach to improving sales velocity and enabling data-backed decision making...

Enhance feedback collection

Improve visibility and collect data from your sales network. Eliminate the revenue workflow gaps.


Visualize data for enhanced analytics

What KPIs are essential to you? Identify top performers and campaign ROI.

Deploy data driven statistics

Optimize how leads are routed in real time. Deploy features such as performance scoring and feedback-based routing to motivate your sales network, and reward top performers.

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