Intent discovery through natural language processing and machine learning.


Qualification of enquiries against custom intent parameters.


Realtime human resource handoff using the tried and tested Lead Assign platform.

An end to end enterprise-grade chatbot platform that improves lead quality and helps increase sales productivity by up to 40%

Bot to Qualify - Human to Close

A “bot out of the box” will work only for the simplest of businesses.  Your business is complex with engagement and lead qualifying rules that a simple downloaded bot implementation won’t solve. Forward looking enterprises know that chat is complex and requires an understanding of not only your customer intents, but your lead qualification processes to ensure the Customer-to-Bot-to-Sales is optimized. Lead Assign IQ+ doesn’t replace your sales human, we enhance their ability to close. We use natural language processing (NLP) and AI machine learning to uncover user intent. Our chatbot allows for unscripted communication with a user.  As communication ensues intent and parameters are captured by the dialogue flow.  When Intent is satisfied by the parameters, and the lead is qualified, we then use Lead Assigns AI lead scoring to take action – which in this case is broadcasting the lead to the best available roster of agents to access chat in the Lead Assign application. Our approach creates the perfect marriage of technology and human sales processes.  Every lead is qualified reducing the heavy and expensive lifting by your sales team.  Every qualified lead is engaged in real time with the best matched sales person. A perfect mix.

Turn Prospects Into Leads and Improve Your Teams Close Rate

We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to determine user intent. Traditional chat models rely on a linear funnel model of standard Q&A to qualify leads – this model is out of date and a detriment to businesses.

Industry leading companies will employ AI and natural language processing strategies to best identify and determine the users intent. Simply put, this means the process of determining the best agent match for the consumer can’t be determined in a chat type functionality through a simple Q&A and a next up agent model.

The Lead Assign Chatbot has the ability to enrich the lead with information based on natural conversation and overall site activity. The Chatbot that resides on your site that starts the conversation with the user and processes their questions and comments to identify Intent – it’s a single IQ+ bot instance no matter where it resides on your site.

As soon as the use intent is identified, Lead Assign roster matching takes over and identifies the best sales human to chat with the now qualified user.

Lead Assign started by using AI to match agent rosters to leads. Our Chatbot service takes our platform one step further by connecting users with the best agent (not the next up) based on parsing user intent once identified to agent skills in real team – seamlessly to the user. When Intent is satisfied by the parameters we then use Lead Assigns AI lead scoring to take Action – which in this case is broadcasting the lead to the best available roster of agents to access chat in the Lead Assign app.
Our bots empower sales reps by providing them with the insights and contextual information they need to more effectively reach out to and engage prospects. There is no hunting for information, all the intent and context including the enriched data is available to your agent in real time. Providing the sales member with the most relevant information and enriched content in real time facilitates a more meaningful conversation between the sales team and the lead. Sales receives a full history of the conversation, including context and lead scores based on sentiment – Its speed to lead, but with the right information.

Why a Human Connection is Critical

Yes chatbots provide an amazing ray of possibilities for organizations for mundane tasks, the process of facilitating a perfectly seamless hand-off to the right individual is critical to the sales process. Our unique process is your secret closing weapon. You can confidently know every engaged user is handled in the most effective way, and most importantly the most qualified way based on the users intent and sentiment.


of consumers say long wait times are their biggest frustration – it is even higher for businesses.


of consumers say they find scripted responses most frustrating, and 38% of businesses agree


of customers report not being able to access a human agent as a top source of frustration.

Handle Virtually Any Sales Scenario.


It’s estimated that over 90% of interactions in finance will be automated using Chatbots by 2022. It is however a stretch to believe that consumers will feel comfortable purchasing large financial products like mortgages, investments, and LOC’s without talking to a professional.


Mortgage Facilitation

Banks want users to get “pre-approved” for a mortgage through an on-line form. The reason, getting to a mortgage expert is difficult. With Lead Assign IQ+ as user intent for mortgage is identified and the platform begins to source the best agent to talk about options with a customer, the lead enrichment process gathers the key information to ensure the expert is ready to advance the customer. Simple enrichment capture while the user is matched with the agent like whether they are an existing home owner, first timer, and FICO averages enhance the all important first encounter.

Real Estate

In today’s real estate offices your best agents need to be a finance expert, a wealth expert, a contractor, a designer, and a community expert. It’s critical then that qualifying leads is automated to save time. Using Lead Assign IQ+, we ensure only leads with identified intent become SQL’s (Sales Qualified Leads) and matched with best agent in real time – while the lead is ready to engage.

Why IQ+ by Lead Assign is a Game Changer

Imagine a platform than can take chat, voice, and in-app actions from a user, and respond to them automatically by identifying the intent of the user, qualifying the opportunity, and connecting the person with the right resource from your organization seamlessly, in realtime, and at the right time! That’s the power of Lead Assign IQ+.

Get Your Enterprise Started With Lead Assign IQ+

Start to finish project services

We help you manage the project scope from start to finish by identifying risks and costs associated with implementing the chatbot during each phase, and ensuring you have the proper level of internal and Lead Assign support services to de-risk your implementation.

Complex qualification processes

Our team has deep experience mapping complex qualification processes in organizations from real estate, to manufacturing, to finance, too retail. Each business is different but key learning and patterns can be leveraged from years of successful Lead Assign implementations to ensure your projects success.

Maximize your ROI

ROI is a key focus for every client. We ensure the fastest time to market and lowest total ownership cost to make sure you obtain an ROI that can be measured in months not years.

Our Enterprise Approach

Every enterprise is different

Project Preparation

Discovery meetings let us align your key business needs and sales goals to all your lead engagement KPI’s. Use cases are outlined and overall intents for training are outlined.

Solution Design

Intent workshops and routing rules are outlined and identified based on project goals, scope and timeframes, methodologies, and high level steps user interaction with the bot will take. Data dependencies and any integration needs are identified and implementation needs are identified.

Solution Build

Bot intents and training phrases are identified and any create backend application integrations & authorizations in bot tasks. Unit testing of bot tasks and integration testing of overall bot conversation and agent routing is performed in rapid succession builds. Our expert analysts continuously train and test the BOT for conversational AI excellence and key data and capture for the agent hand-off.


Ensuring the move to production is rolled-put, managed, and monitored is a critical part of the journey that most teams tend to short cut. We ensure your sales and support teams are ready and trained for the go-live. We provide training material templates, online sessions, and digital assets to ensure when the qualified customers are matched with your agents they can engage and close. Solution monitoring and support services are provided by our support team making sure all systems are go.

Ongoing Reporting

Your implementation includes the Lead Assign dashboard for reporting and ongoing routing management. See how your sales force is performing, view month on month company wide reports. Get in depth reporting on individual salesperson performance all at a glance and in exported statistics for additional BI reporting.