Lead Assign works by finding keywords in leads and scoring them against the number of tags that match with an agent. However some people prefer to assign leads based on seniority, or “pecking order” for lack of a better term.

We have updated Lead Assign to allow you to increase or decrease an agents pecking order by adding a “PK” tag. This updates allows you to configure leads to flow to your agents by pecking order rather than by keyword.

How to set pecking order

To set a pecking order simply add the tag PK_# (where “#” is a number associated with each agent). 
Pecking order tags work by adding the # as a score to the associated agent.
We suggest adding PK tags in increments of 100. The higher the number, the closer to the first offer the agent will be.

For example: 

John: PK_100
Bob: PK_200
Phil: PK_300

When a lead comes in it will go to Phil. If he refuses or does not accept in time it will be offered to Bob, then John.

Pecking order tags can be used as a tie breaker when used in addition to keywords or tags.
Multiple agents can have the same Pecking order with ties being decided by the default algorithm.

You can also use negative numbers to down rank agents and ensure that agents with low scores are not offered leads. This is the preferred method if not all agents should qualify for all leads and you are using keywords to distributed the leads.