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Combine and assign leads, update Salesforce dynamically

Combine and assign leads, update Salesforce dynamically

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  • Combine and assign leads, update Salesforce dynamically
James Palmer
James Palmer
Head of Product

We often hear from existing Salesforce customers who are struggling with the ability to get leads to the right person and have them acted on in a reasonable time.

Salesforce offers a complex suite of solutions that aims to tackle a number of facets of your sales funnel and capture information from many data points. However, adding lead sources to Salesforce can be a cumbersome process and more importantly, lacks the necessary functionality to track and assign leads intelligently. It can also be somewhat restrictive when capturing data from users outside of the Salesforce account.

Lead Assign offers API Integration directly into your Salesforce account. Once integrated, Lead Assign is able search and update lead records, and notify lead owners of updates. The trick is to send all your leads to your Lead Assign account first. Lead Assign’s A.I. routing engine will determine if the lead already exists in Salesforce and update as necessary. If the lead does not exist in your Salesforce account Lead Assign will determine who on your sales team should be offered opportunities at the lead.

Once the lead has been accepted, your Salesforce account will be automatically populated with the lead record. Any future updates from the sales person will update the lead record in Salesforce and notify the necessary users.

Implementing Lead Assign in this manner makes it much easier for your sales people to receive and act on leads in a timely fashion, provide feedback on a lead, and allows you to easily combine all your lead sources into one place while maintaining the integrity of your data in Salesforce.

For help with this and many other integration options, reach out to us.

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