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Lead Assign’s Coalescing Prevents Leads Going to Different Agents

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Let’s say a customer is on your website and sees something they are interested in. They fill out a contact form and hit submit. Voila! The lead is now flowing through your Lead Assign account to the most appropriate agent.

Ok, that’s great but now the customer is poking about and comes across another item of interest. Again, they fill out the form for more information. Now what? Other lead routing systems would treat this second lead as a completely new lead. Lead Assign however, is not like other lead routing systems. We have built a new feature in Lead Assign that will scan incoming leads to determine if they are from the same customer. If in fact, the lead is from the same customer we can either send it directly to the agent that accepted the original lead or append it to a lead that is still “in flight” (meaning a lead that has yet to be accepted). This is an extremely useful feature for people who find they have multiple inquiries from a customer in a short period of time.

The end result is the agent who accepts the lead and deals with the customer will have all the information they need to make a successful sale, and your customers will not be bothered by unnecessary sales calls.

As with all our rules, the way in which our system coalesces leads is configurable. We can set the sensitivity and the maximum duration between leads to ensure the system works the way you intended.

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Our real-time lead management solution offers simple integration with multiple CRMs so you can get the visibility and data you need without adding any more software. Eliminate the waiting period for your leads by texting or emailing their info to the right partner within minutes of their engagement. The platform’s AI-based lead scoring and routing automatically distributes leads to the most qualified channel partners for the deal. See your potential success with the Power of Automation.

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