Improved HTML Lead Handling

Improved HTML Lead Handling

We recently added some updates that improve the way we are able to parse incoming HMTL leads. This means Lead Assign is able to distinguish between lead content versus code that is used to display leads. This strengthens our ability to pull out certain details, like price, location, etc. from HTML formatted emails, and reduced the amount of extraneous text associated with lead details allowing your agents to get right to the point.


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New Email Notification Design

We have redesigned our email notification templates to further put the right information at your fingertips. The new design highlights what needs to be done next, and makes it easier for salespeople to see their performance rating.

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Product Updates

New UI for agents designed to drastically improve productivity.

The newly redesigned interface puts the lead you are working front and centre, but allows quick and easy access to all leads assigned to you. As always, no login is required. If it’s been a while since you last viewed a lead, we simply email you a magic link to get you back in the drivers seat.

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