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Facebook Lead Ads Support

Facebook Lead Ads Support


Facebook Lead Ads are a way to generate leads where customers don’t have to leave Facebook to make an enquiry about your business.

Once a customer fills out a Lead Ad on Facebook, the default behavoir of Facebook is to have you visit Facebook and download the Lead CSV, then use that information to contact the potential customers. This is very far from optimal. Leads sit un answered for hours (or worse).

With Lead Assign you can set up your sales agents – whether they number 2 or 2000, wire up Facebook to send Lead Ads directly to Lead Assign, and have Lead Assign find an agent to respond to and take responsibility for the potential customer in minutes! We have the lead routing rules that you need to make sure the right sales agent gets the leads suited for her, no matter what your business rules are.

As an example, a real estate broker can run a Facebook lead ads campaign, and have Lead Assign distribute leads to real estate agents in real time. The cost of Lead Assign is much less than the cost of lead acquisition (ie your Facebook ad fees) and furthermore, Lead Assign doubles or better the value of each lead, as timely response leads to more conversions! Lead Assign can also follow up with your sales agents to determine the success of each lead. Finally understand the cost/benefit of your lead campaign!

See how to set up your Lead Ads to point to Lead Assign here in our documentation.  

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