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Lead Assign Supports Sales Tracking

Our lead management platform automates, routes, and follow-ups every sales opportunity to the best team member in your sales force - and in real-time.
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Lead Assign streamlines your sales process.

Our lead management platform automates, routes, and follow-ups every sales opportunity to the best team member in your sales force – and in real-time.

How do I know if I need a lead management platform as a sales tracking tool?

A lead management platform supports contact management and sales activities, such as prospecting and follow-up of your teams’ lead pursuit. 

Consider adopting sales tracking software if:

  • You provide sales opportunities manually by email and spreadsheets to your team members, whether they are inside sales, channel partners, dealers, retailers, or distributors.
  • You’re a sales manager, who has tried using a CRM software to manage your team’s sales pipeline but are finding it inflexible and inefficient, negatively impacting response times.  
  • You are finding it difficult to track leads and collect sales data for your sales forecasting.
  • You are having a hard time identifying which lead generation campaigns perform the best. 
  • You are not optimizing your marketing campaign spend and missing out on sales opportunities.

The Lead Management Platform for Tracking Sales

When lead generation and sales management programs with Lead Assign, gaps in your sales funnel are eliminated, from opportunity to closed sales across your network. 

Intelligent Lead Routing

Increase your teams’ close rates by making sure every lead is dealt with intelligently. Mapped and matched, not only to an available sales rep in the region, but also to the best sales rep based on your team members’ individual skillset and specializations. 

Automate to be more productive

Sales Feedback Capture

It is critical that sales and marketing leadership understands what happens with generated leads once they are delivered to a team of sales reps. However, CRM software adoption and usage rates are historically low. Consider a sales tracking software with no cumbersome mobile app to download, where sales feedback data can be provided with a touch of a button. 

Actionable Insights withBusiness Intelligence

From lead assignment to closed sale, every sales activity and customer interaction is logged. Sales managers are handed useful KPIs and critical sales data to support marketing campaigns and sales forecasting strategies. 

Santogal has improved their sales performance using the patented AI lead management technology.

For Santogal, Portugal’s most recognized automotive dealer group representing 24 automotive brands, delivering qualified leads in a timely manner to its 250 sales agents had presented an ongoing challenge for the company. 

Since adopting Lead Assign, Santogal has seen impressive growth in online lead conversion rates and improved customer relationship management. “In 2017, we sold 30,000 cars. Simply put… our partnership with Lead Assign has directly resulted in more sold cars and more satisfied customer experiences.”

Perfect for complex distributed partner sales networks

  • Lead Assign is designed to work with distributed sales teams and is not limited by size. 
  • Lead Assign does not require mobile app adoption. Instead, sales reps are offered leads directly via SMS and Email. 
  • Lead acceptance and sales tracking updates are fed back to leadership and existing team performance platforms.

We enhance your existing sales pipeline technology.

Think of our experts as your experts. 

Our experienced team and proven integration methodologies enhance and accelerate your sales performance. From automated lead workflow implementation to ongoing customer support, we guarantee your investment gets the best return possible with Lead Assign.

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