Receive Feedback From Your Agents Automatically


Ok this one is big!

When we launched Lead Assign we solved the problem of how to get the right lead to the right agent. This made a lot of people happy, but one of the things we heard from our customers is the frustration they had getting feedback from their agents on what happened to a lead once it had been distributed.

We just implemented a system where Lead Assign will automatically request feedback from the agent that accepted the lead after a given amount of time (you choose how long to set the system to wait before requesting feedback). The agent will receive an email requesting their feedback. They simply click on a link and answer a Yes/No question and provide freeform feedback that you, as the account owner, will be able to access via the comments sections on your lead details screen.

This greatly improves the data available on initial lead contact, and provides more information that can be fed into your CRM, helping you manage a successful sales funnel.

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